Game of Mario Kart on stadium screen is captured by a news chopper fly-by.

A baseball stadium in Kansas City has become the home to the world’s biggest Mario Kart screen.

The Crown Vision board at the home of the Kansas City Royals in Kauffman Stadium that sits facing the baseball diamond is a massive 25m wide and 32m tall.

The sheer size of the screen explains why Tom Martin of KCTV5 was able to clearly see all the Mario Kart action.


I guess if there is a need to check the stadium screen and sound system – playing a round of two of Mario Kart makes perfect sense – as you wouldn’t want to start the baseball season with a faulty system.

As we are in off-season footy mode and with BBL wrapping up soon, perhaps Optus Stadium should open their doors to a massive Mario Kart tournament. Who wouldn’t want to battle their mates in Mario Kart whilst sitting in the middle of Optus Stadium – playing on the state of the art 340sqm super screens!


So Optus Stadium can we please come play Mario Kart? We will bring the beers, chips and dip.