Clive Palmer tries to sue Western Australia Government for $30 billion.

Just when you thought the WA Border case was bad, Clive has doubled down and is taking up arbitration against the State Government to the tune of almost $30 billion.

That’s right. Clive isn’t even done with his high court case, and he’s already bringing his next challenge to the WA Government.

He is looking to sue WA $27.7 billion. That would be paid by the taxpayer, and if it was shared equally between every man woman and child in WA, would cost us each $12,000.

It’s also the total of WA’s budget, and just a little shy of WA’s total debt.

That figure is what WA’s Attorney General John Quigley claims Palmer is going after, but a press conference today the billionaire said “there isn’t any $30 billion claim against the Western Australian Government”.

“It’s (their) assessment of what the damages are for what they’ve done,” he said.


Why is Clive Palmer suing WA?

This has nothing to do with coronavirus or the border closure, it’s actually to do with a matter back in 2012.

Then-Development Minister Colin Barnett refused to formally assess Palmer’s proposed iron ore mine in the Pilbara.

He later enforced more than 40 conditions on the mine going ahead.

Suffice to say, Clive wasn’t happy.

Mr Quigley revealed yesterday the billionaire now wanted to sue the WA Government for “damages” incurred by the process.

It comes a week after the Federal Government announced it would no longer support Palmer’s High Court border challenge.


What is WA going to do?

Given the damage such a case could do to WA during a time of intense economic hardship caused by COVID-19, the McGowan Government moved to prevent the arbitration occurring.

How? By legislating against it.

That means it will have to go through both Houses of Parliament.

Mr Quigley admitted such a Bill would be “unprecedented”.

“This bill will remove the capacity for Mr Palmer, Mineralogy and International Minerals to pursue litigation and damages claims,” he said.

What will happen if the legislation goes through?

Palmer won’t just let it go.

Of course not.

Following the news from the WA State Government about the legislation to prevent the arbitration, Palmer had a thing or two to say about what they could expect should the Bill pass.


“This emergency legislation is unconstitutional,” he said in a statement.

“Ultimately this matter will end up in the High Court of Australia.”

That’s right, more Clive Palmer High Court cases. 

Watch: WA Premier Mark McGowan and Attorney General John Quigley are speaking on emergency laws to block Clive Palmer’s court case against the state.

Feature image: AAP Image/Jono Searle

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