Clive Palmer Back In Court Still Fighting To Sue The State $30 Billion

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He’s back and he’s still trying to sue the WA Government.

Public enemy number 1 in Western Australia, Queensland billionaire Clive Palmer is back in court fighting laws passed by the McGowan Government last year preventing him from suing the State more than $30 billion.

Following his border challenge, Mr Palmer announced he would also take the McGowan Government to court over another matter, compensation over a business matter from 10 years ago.

Mr Palmer claimed the State of WA owed him $30 billion in damages for a decision made by the former Liberal Government that stopped him from developing the Balmoral South iron ore project in the early 2000s.


The amount he was proposing to sue the Government over was so large, it equated to a $12,000 bill for every single person living in WA.

To prevent the billionaire bankrupting the State, the McGowan Government rushed through an amendment to a law pertaining to negotiations over the project and damages that could be owed.

Mr Palmer is now taking the Government to court over that amended law.

Speaking outside the High Court on Tuesday, Mr Palmer said it was his “duty” to take up the legal battle.

“I regard this Act not as an Act but an abomination that threatens the rule of law,” he said.

Mr Palmer is due to face the court later this afternoon, with the trial set to go all week.

Feature image: AAP Image/Jono Searle

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