Not-for-profit charity focused on raising funds to help children who have special needs and their families.

Throughout our community, there are stories that need to be told.

Stories that showcase the hardship suffered by individuals, stories that showcase the adversity individuals have overcome and to shine a light on how you and the people of Perth can help support those who are in need.

About Saba Rose Button Foundation

After a tragic incident in 2010 to the then 11 months Saba (read Saba’s story), The Saba Rose Button Foundation was founded in 2012 and has since raised significant funds to help children who have special needs and their families.

The funds raised help to pay for these children to participate in ‘intensive blocks’ of therapy, for specialised equipment that is needed, for parental respite and for care in the home.


Around the community you may have noticed individuals wearing TEAM SABA clothing. Saba Rose Button Foundation has established a STRONG relationship with numerous community supporters through our TEAM SABA brand.

“Being the ambassador for the Saba Rose Button Foundation is a privilege.

These wonderful children and their families are always striving for improvement to reach their potential. The barriers and obstacles for these troopers are greater than most will ever have to face in their lives, yet the positivity, support and drive of this community is incredible.


I am the lucky one that gets to support this work and help grow the opportunities available and help these wonderful kids kick their own goals.” Dana Hooker – West Coast Eagles AFLW.

Improving the lives of children throughout Perth

Community Spotlight: Saba Rose Button Foundation Helping Children With Disabilities
Source: Leon Shaffer

The dedicated work from the Saba Rose Button Foundation and the support from the community has resulted in many children walking for the first time, communicating for the first time and being able better participate with their families – all thanks to the rehabME a cutting edge intensive therapy program.

The rehabME INTENSIVE COLLECTIVE brings together local specialised therapists skilled in neurodevelopmental therapy to work together to develop and achieve specific rehabilitation goals for each individual child.  

The rehabME INTENSIVE COLLECTIVE aims to offer opportunity for development, achievement and consolidation of goals through providing a safe and welcoming environment, providing quality clinical care and expressing compassion for both the child and their families.

It is an initiative for children to partake in intensive blocks of multidisciplinary forms of therapy here in Perth. The children have an option of 1–4 hours of therapy per day over a 3 week period. The child’s parents choose their child’s timetable configuration to suit their goals and individual needs. 

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How you can help

Community Spotlight: Saba Rose Button Foundation Helping Children With Disabilities

The Saba Rose Button Foundation are highly active throughout community events such as the Rottnest Swim, HBF Run for a Reason, City to Surf and their own community fundraising events.

Rottnest Swim

Team Saba swimmers, paddlers and support crew will be back again for the ICONIC 2021 South32 Rottnest Channel Swim on February 20th.


Saba Rose Button Foundation have 5 soloists, 3 duos, and 3 teams swimming for TEAM SABA which is 23 swimmers raising funds for the kids of Saba Rose Button Foundation.  

“So much prep, training and commitment are needed for them to participate and we know they will gain inspiration (when the going gets tough), through the little legends we support,” said Mrs Button.

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Let’s get you MAY-TIVATED and complete a Marathon in May – Yes that’s 42km! You can do it any way you like over the month of May – Walk it – Swim it – Ride it – Bike it.

Individual $15, Family (2 adults, and 2 children) $40 & Business/Group registrations are $10 per person (for groups over 10). 

TEAM SABA apparel will be available to order for this event. Buy your TEAM SABA kit! 

For information and to register your interest email here.

How to donate

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