Core Cider House, Pickering Brook

Enjoy A Relaxing Drink At Perth’s Premier Cider House

Enjoy A Relaxing Drink At Perth’s Premier Cider House – Core Cider House

Having grown up on the border of cider county in the UK (Somerset) I feel I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to cider. I’ll happily pass on that sweet fizzy berry filled cr*p for a pint of flat, cloudy apples any day; you know the kind of stuff you swig from the bottle whilst dancing to the folk music (the wurzels, anyone?!) at a country festival. So, I was a little bit skeptical when someone told me that Core Cider make the best cider in Australia.  We decided to make the most of a sunny weekend afternoon and set off on the drive to Pickering Brook.

core cider

core cider

core cider

As we were just stopping for a drink we head straight to the lawned area and within minutes were regretting not having booked a table for lunch, the food looked and smelt amazing (they even will knock up a vegan option if you ask nicely). There’s a shaded area for dining downstairs as well as the deck upstairs, but I highly recommend booking well ahead as it was super busy.

We found a spot under an orange tree and set up base, it was a bit breezy so the staff had left blankets out, which was lovely, apart from they were all taken by a gang of kids who’d made a den. Not even mad.

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core cider core cider
It’s only natural when visiting a new place to try one of everything isn’t it?! So without hesitation I pranced to the bar and bought a tasting board, a reasonable $15 for 6 samples.


core cider

I didn’t really know where to start, so being the ever logical woman that I am, grabbed number 6 and worked my way back down to number 1. I was pretty blown away by the taste, I really wish right now that I was one of those fancy girl girls who can tell you that the 2010 Sav blanc has high notes of citrus and lemongrass and resembles a $900 bottle her grandma once had, but I’m not that kinda girl, I’m a simple thing who grew up near cider county in England wearing scruffy clothes and spending her weekend riding wild horses. However I will go as far as to say I drunk the nicest ciders I’ve had outside of England, and I’ve drunk a lot of cider in my short life.

People of Perth, trust me when I say that these ciders are absolutely incredible, the grounds are stunning (and kid friendly), the staff are incredibly friendly & (I imagine) the food is incredible.

Website: corecider.com.au

ADDRESS: 35 Merrivale Rd, Pickering Brook Rd

Autumn hours: OPEN 9-5pm Thurs to Sun & Public holidays (closed Mon to Weds)

And if that wasn’t enough… Get to the CORE!

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