Costco Perth Opening: Everything You Need To Know – Time, Toilet Paper Restrictions & More

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Opening time, toilet paper restrictions and coronavirus.

Costco Perth is set to launch the first of their WA megastores on Thursday and if the DFO opening is anything to go by there could be thousands of people rushing the doors come 8am.

But will the fear of the coronavirus pandemic stop shoppers from attending the opening of the global giant?

Costco Perth and Coronavirus

Despite a statewide ban on gatherings over 500+ people, Costco is could be set to draw an opening day crowd on Thursday into the thousands which could see many eager punters coming in close contact with each other – especially when shopping for toilet paper.

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A tweet last week from Nadia shows rows and rows of toilet paper stacked ready for eager shoppers.

Costco shopping restrictions

Just like other supermarket chains, Costco will also be putting a limit on toilet paper for its customers limiting 1 pack per customer.

Though that one pack contains 60 rolls – so these will no doubt be in high demand.

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There has yet to be any official word from Costco though in regards to other product restrictions for the Perth store given the current crisis of other local supermarkets.

More to come as we learn more.

What can you buy at Costco?

Well, at the bulk goods giant you can pretty much buy anything and customers the world over have fallen in love with their great value on bulk items.

From electric appliances, to jumbo doughnuts, to biggest jars of pickles you’ve ever seen, even BBQs and kids toys.

There is literally everything at Costco.

The giant warehouse also includes a fuel station providing flat rate fuel prices, tyre centre, optical centre and hearing aid centre and a food court.

Costco Perth Location

It’s definitely hard to miss given the sheer size of the warehouse which is slightly smaller than Optus Stadium playing surface, located off Tonkin Highway and opposite DFO you will find Costco.

Address: 142 Dunreath Drive, Perth Airport, WA, Australia 6105 (directions)

Costco Perth details

  • Opening date: Thursday, March 19th at 8am
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10.00am–8.30pm, Saturday: 9.00am–6.30pm, Sunday: 10.00am–6.00pm

we will be sure to monitor comes from Costco incase any of the above change due to the increasing coronavirus crisis.

For more information and to become a member visit costco.com.au/perth-airport-opening.

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