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Democracy Sausage – How to find a polling place with a sausage sizzle

Australia may well be the greatest democracy in the world….

What makes us so great? – The freedom to speak our minds? Our preferential voting system? Our compulsory, universal suffrage? No. No. & No.

What makes our democracy so great? – The election day sausage sizzle!

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For Western Australia votes 2017, the good folk at Democracy Sausage have set up a map of the polling booths -reporting figures, on sausage sizzles and cake stalls. The swing is definitely on.
Find a Democracy Sausage place at their website.

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How Democracy Sausage Works

According to their website, Democracy Sausage will “crowdsource (or is it crowdsauce?) data from Twitter and Facebook. To let us know about sausage and cake availability (or the absence thereof), tweet using the hashtag #democracysausage. We’ll be watching.”

The swing is on

Who’s behind it?

These are strictly non-partisan sausages and cakes.

“We’re just an ordinary group of democracy sausage enthusiasts. Find us on Twitter: @DemSausage. You can also email us at ausdemocracysausage@gmail.com.”

Are you putting on an election day sausage sizzle? Add your event to the map.