Democracy Sausage: How to Find a Polling Place In Perth With a Snag

Democracy Sausage – How to find a polling place with a sausage sizzle in Perth.

Today is a great day for Australia – yes because we get to vote for the direction of our company… but also the amount of sausage sizzles on offer around our community has expanded outside of Bunnings stalls.

democracy sausage perth - sausage sizzle
Map of known Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall voting locations in Perth

Before you cast your vote today though you need to do some very important research, not just on the parties but also on the polling stations with sausage sizzles near you.

If you also have the luxury of numerous voting polls with sausage sizzle stalls in your area – you can then choose which sausage sizzle location based on their fundraising cause. So cast your vote wisely – but obviously, they are all for good causes.

Democracy Sausage stall location information Perth.
Click on the icons in your area for more information on the stalls

But it’s not just snags that are on offer – there are plenty of cakes on offer aswell!

How to find a polling place with a snag near me?

For Western Australia votes 2019, the good folk at democracysausage.org have set up a map of the polling booths and whether they will have sausage sizzles and cake stalls.

Visit the interactive map

How Democracy Sausage Works


Democracy Sausage will crowdsource (or is it crowdsauce?) data from Twitter and Facebook. To let them know about sausage and cake availability (or the absence thereof), tweet using the hashtag #democracysausage or #democracycake.

Democracy Sausage Perth

Happy election day Perth and enjoy the snags!

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