Join Perth’s biggest cheers for our great leader.

While social media can cop a lot of flack for bullying, fake news and all things Trump, every now and then a piece of gold comes to the forefront and makes you smile.

Today this has happened and it is something we in Perth can definitely all get around.

Footy is back at Optus Stadium with the Western Derby on Sunday and to say thanks let’s raise a beer for Mark.

A Facebook event has popped up encouraging punters at Optus Stadium (and why not at home or in bars as well) to cheers Mark McGowan at the start of the 3rd quarter.


The event details and how it will work

Let’s raise a glass to the bloke that made it happen, Big Dog Mark McGowan.

At the start of the 3rd quarter as the siren sounds and the ball bounces, let’s get everyone at Optus Stadium to give the big man the biggest “CHEERS” WA has seen.

Grab a coldie at half time and let rip with a massive “Cheers” to thank the man for using Big Dad Energy to purge WA of COVID-19.

P.s. Hey Mark, no pressure, but it’s your duty as a representative of WA to down a beer with us


Join the event and get ready to cheers here.

A few Mark McGowan facts

  • Facial masks use Mark McGowan to protect themselves
  • The Mc in McGowan stands for ‘Master of Coronavirus’
  • After Mark McGowan approved mullets there was 100% chance you considered growing one.
  • Mark McGowan’s presence at the Derby means that both teams automatically win
  • You’ve already used the phrase ‘Are you McGowan to the derby this weekend?’