Best Cafes In Mount Lawley

best cafes in mount lawley - viaje

Best Cafes In Mount Lawley

The cafe scene in Mount Lawley has never looked so good
best cafes in mount lawley - viaje

When you think of good food in Perth, you think of Beaufort Street.

Mount Lawley’s glorious reputation for food is a well-known fact for any foodie. One of Perth’s original coffee strips, it’s no wonder the cafes here are absolutely top-notch and dishing up some of the finest breakfast, lunch, and brews in town. 

With a few local favourites and some new and unique spots popping up, this is your go-to spot for a good cafe stop. 

Here are the best cafes in Mount Lawley to tick off your list.

1. Bossman

If it’s good coffee you’re after, then Bossman is your guy. 

Raising the standards of a good cuppa, these guys hit all the right spots with an exceptional brew and friendly baristas always bringing good vibes. It’s a small, low-lit, and relaxed space perfect for a morning stop, with many declaring it might just be some of the best coffee in Perth (we’ll let you be the judge). Food-wise, it’s slightly limited, but they’ve got some super tasty Greek-inspired sweets you can grab for a bite. 

bossman- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @bossmancoffee

2. Soho Lane

Aside from the amazingly gorgeous and inviting aesthetic of the place, Soho Lane knows how to whip up a good meal. 

The decor is NYC-inspired, sporting lively pastel pinks in a light and bright modern space serving up all-day brunch with American-inspired lunch options, the classics, and a few inventive dishes of their own. The fried chicken burger and brisket pastrami bagel are definite standouts, and they also do a super tasty falafel dish for any vegos out there. 

soho lane- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @soho.lane
  • Location: Alexander Buildings, 13/649 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway, delivery
  • Website:

3. Viaje Coffee

Effortlessly cool, Viaje is a more recent addition to the food scene here – and it’s come in hot.

The pastel pink cafe is hidden down a back lane and has secured a steady stream of customers popping in since the opening. The food here is an absolute treat, all filled with fresh ingredients and a good dose of insta-worthy presentation. Plus they’ve nailed a menu of variety, so there is something for everyone.

4. Secondeli Cafe

Right at the end of Beaufort Street, you’ll find Secondeli Cafe, bringing the tastes of Morocco to Mount Lawley.  

The all-day menu is filled with traditional recipes, but the star of the show here is their shakshuka- merguez sausages, tomato, eggplant & capsicum ragu, and labne with a poached egg and sourdough to top it off. 

secondeli cafe- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @secondelicafe

5. Modus Coffee

Modus Coffee specialises, as the name suggests, in coffee.

The selling point of this place is that you can shop their full range of specialty coffee in-store along with some awesome brewing gear that you can take home with you. But of course, you can also pop in for a coffee or get it takeaway and pair it with some of their fresh bites to eat. 

  • Location: 35 610/602 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway
  • Website:

6. Fez Cafe

This popular family-run joint just screams Mount Lawley with arty, quirky vibes, innovative meals, and quality coffee. 

Fez has a diverse menu of favourites with chilli scrambled eggs, smashed avo, buttermilk pancakes, and some seriously good zucchini & corn fritters. They’re also fully licensed and serve up wine, beer, cider and champagne all day – boozy brunch anyone?

fez- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @fezperth
  • Location: 83 Walcott St, Mount Lawley
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway
  • Website:

7. Local & Aesthetic

Local & Aesthetic is a one-stop shop for everything. In true triple threat style, here you can find a cafe serving up nostalgic Aussie favourites with a twist, an art gallery and a retail section boasting vinyl records.

Their Aussie classics include numbat toast (vegemite and cheese on sourdough) and a B + E baguette (fried eggs, bacon, bush chutney and parmesan in a toasted baguette), with everything on the menu incorporating elements of bush food and local WA produce. 

local & aesthetic- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @localandaesthetic

8. Standby Espresso 

This tiny hole-in-the-wall joint from the guys at The Engine Room will never disappoint with their coffee. 

Blink and you’ll miss it, Standby Espresso is tucked into a little corner on Raglan Street and serves up awesome coffee, awesome atmosphere, and some mouth-watering bagels. The staff here always provide friendly banter, and they also stock Toastface Grillah- toasties don’t get much better than that. 

standby espresso- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @standbyespresso

9. Veggie Mama

Some of us have very sensitive tummies, so for those who blow up like a balloon after eating gluten or want to eat a bit more healthy, Veggie Mama is our saving grace. 

It’s a vegetarian cafe specialising in gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free products. The space itself is full of light and the perfect laid-back spot to park up and get a healthy feed with a cabinet full of fresh produce and healthy sweet treats. 

10. The Deli On Central

This community coffee corner building has been around forever, and in recent times has had a bit of a remodeling glow up into a local espresso bar with croissants and treats. 

The Deli On Central does a damn good cup of coffee, plus plenty of fluffy croissants and sweet pastries to satisfy that sweet tooth when you pop in. 

the deli on central- best cafes in mount lawley
Source: @thedelioncentral
  • Location: 181 Central Ave, Mount Lawley
  • Price: $$$
  • Options: Dine-in, takeaway
  • Website: @thedelioncentral

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