The Hummus Club's crowdfunding campaign underway

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The Hummus Club's crowdfunding campaign underway

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The Hummus Club have launched a new crowdfunding campaign for their new Northbridge venue

Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here. And while we’re all hiding away in our houses snuggled under cosy throw rugs and sporting bed socks, those crazy guys at The Hummus Club are busy hustling. They’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign over at which has us all pretty excited. Here they’re offering some pretty awesome rewards in return for people donating money to go towards their new Northbridge restaurant.

From a humble start at various markets throughout town, to a pop-up in Trinity Arcade, this Northbridge venue is just what Perth has been crying out for. Set to open later this year, it’s a completely different concept to what we’re used to from owners Ziad and Kaitlin Zammar. We’re told that their oh so silky hummus is still on the cards, but there’ll be lots of other new dishes playing on classic flavours and traditional cooking styles. Ingredients will be sourced locally in WA and straight out of Lebanon and the Middle East. Is your mouth already watering from the thought of all those spices? Mine is.


Crowdfunding to open a restaurant is nothing new to Perth. We’ve seen both Lucky Chan’s and Leake St Cafeteria go through this process – and it’s something particularly wonderful, which encourages the local community to rally together to support small businesses. The Hummus Club’s different donation levels have great rewards which you can select, including a Middle Eastern Feastin for two, having international calligrafitti artist Karim Jabarri personally painting your name in Arabic on the wall of their eatery, or getting access to a top secret baba ganoush family recipe.

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If you haven’t tried these guys already, you’re missing out. They have a serious love affair of not just chickpeas (from Ord River no less), plus they also are pumping out some delicious middle eastern eats. Think tender marinated chicken, crunchy falafel balls and fried pita chips that you just want to have sprinkled on every bite.


With Ziad growing up in both Perth and Lebanon, and stealing many bites of hummus from his grandmother’s fridge in Syria – he knows his flavours. His parents used to own a Lebanese eatery in Vic Park back in the 80s and 90s, so a love of this food is really embedded in his blood. By his side and coming from a great line of cooks, Kaitlin’s Croatian heritage has led her to a strong desire to work in the food game.

Speaking with them, or even just trying their food it’s evident they have a real passion for middle eastern cuisine. Since bursting onto Perth’s scene in 2014, they’ve saved up their market and pop-up earnings along the way, and now they need help from the local community to get over the line.

With their passion and high quality, tasty approach to food, The Hummus Club’s permanent eatery will be a continuation of their journey so far and a celebration of their fresh take on Lebanese food. They’ll be taking some of the best old school classics and dishing them up with their new school vibe.

Let’s help them get over the line Perth (and book in some delish rewards by doing so)! There’s a really inspiring video they have over on their crowdfunding page, which shows just how much this new restaurant means to them. Check it out: