Now This Is So Perth: Introducing Perth Gin

Perth Gin

Now This Is So Perth: Introducing Perth Gin

I'll have a Perth Gin and Tonic thanks.
Perth Gin

Doesn’t get more local – welcome Perth Gin.

What are you drinking? I’m on the Perth Gin! Has a nice ring to it. I’ll have a Perth Gin and Tonic thanks. Also has a nice ring to it.

The Western Australian spirit market will this month welcome Perth Gin, an artisan small-batch gin that has been developed to capture the spirit of Perth.

Michael Hickinbotham, who is a second-generation distiller in a family that cultivated Australia’s wine and fortified spirits industry, enjoyed developing this beautiful spirit that he hopes will create local pride in Perth.

“We are so proud to present a gin that encapsulates the spirit of a modern-day Perth,” says Michael.

The gin incorporates the flavours of the region to reference all of the things that make Perth special, in a unique signature that uses local botanicals and embodies the spirit of the city.  

Over 30 recipes were crafted in order to find the perfect pairing of botanicals to reflect Perth’s cosmopolitan nature.

The taste and the bottle

Perth gin pairs well with summer
Perth gin pairs well with summer

Perth Gin’s hero botanical is warming boronia, which is paired with lemon myrtle that lingers on the palate, leaving a crisp finish. Everything about the gin, right down to the bottle, has been created with Perth in mind. 

“The gold of the label references Perth’s gold rush beginnings and everlasting sunshine, while the blue nods to the city’s clear blue skies and beloved ocean,” continues Michael.

Perth Gin is distilled in the beautiful Margaret River which in theory doesn’t make it Perth but it’s our home away from home.

The craft spirits industry has grown rapidly across the country in recent years; there are now over 100 gin distilleries in Australia, yet five years ago there were fewer than ten. 

Perth Gin has been introduced to the Perth market this month and is already stocked in a number of Perth’s favourites bars and restaurants.

The gin can be purchased online at

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Perth Gin

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