The 10 Best Shakes In Perth That Are Instagram-Worthy

best shakes in perth - flame 400
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The 10 Best Shakes In Perth That Are Instagram-Worthy

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best shakes in perth - flame 400

The best Instagram-Worthy shakes in Perth to snap for your feed.

Unbutton your pants and get your cameras ready, because we’ve sourced the most choc-a-block, creamy, sickening, absolutely insane freak shakes in Perth.

These wild, sweet creations will make your jaw drop and your diet take a back seat. They’ll be the envy of all your Insta followers, and you can be sure you’ll probably feel utterly ill after slurping it all down- worth it though? We think yes.

Whisk Creamery 

A croinut on top of your milkshake? Why the heck not. 

Whisk is no stranger on the sweets scene, and their gourmet shakes are no exception. These bad boys will have you donning your loosest pants and slurping the bottom of the glass until it’s all gone. 

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can take it to the extreme and add a croinut to any shake for an extra topping of sweet-as calories- because it’s the weekend, duh! 

We’d recommend the Cronutella, Biscoff, or Strawberry Tart for max enjoyment, but they’re all pretty bloody good. 

best shakes in perth - whisk creamery
Source: @whiskcreamery

Sapore Espresso Bar

Boy oh boy, talk about a place killing it on the #freakshakes scene. 

Sapore is making its mark on Insta with bold shakes that not only look insanely good, but taste insanely good. I’m talking biscoff, Mars Bar, choc peanut butter and more. 

It’s a sweet overload, and we’re here for it. 

best shakes in perth - sapore espresso bar
Source: @saporeespressobar

Cafe Elixir

Honestly, if you haven’t already made your way to this Wanneroo breakfast gem then you need to get a wriggle on. 

Cafe Elixir is not only serving up some damn good eats, but they’ve also got some cream-filled, chocolatey iced shakes we adore.

We could go the iced caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate concoctions any day of the week, with oozing melted chocolate and choc chips lining the top and a generous dollop of whipped cream- sorry diet, you’ve been kicked to the curb. 

Meet & Bun

What’s a burger without an over-the-top glorious shake? A missed opportunity.

Already in the Perth burger hall of fame, Meet and

Bun are whipping up some hand-spun thick shakes you’ll be pushing to get down after a meal (they’re that good). What sets them apart is their use of house-made custard ice cream to up the delicious factor. 

The cookies n cream or strawberry have to be our faves, and they look pretty good on the old Insta story.  

best shakes in perth - meet and bun
Source: @meetandbun

The Moon Cafe

Head to The Moon for a boozy shake to kickstart your night in tasty fashion. 

The popular nightspot has been settled in Perth for 30 years, and their Alco-shakes have been keeping the late-night crowds and dessert cravers happy since. They’re currently getting ready to shake it up and add some brand new shakes to the menu, so keep your eyes peeled for what they come up with next. 

Flame 400

I’ll let you in on a little tip: Flame 400 Burger Cafe is the secret spot unbeknownst to the larger foodie crowd that is taking ‘yummy shakes’ to a whole new level. 

Appropriately named, their crazy shakes are a sight to behold- and an Insta snap waiting to be taken.

They really take big, bold and sweet and just run with it, building masterpieces even the most experienced would struggle to finish- and we want 10 of them. 

best shakes in perth - flame 400
Source: @flame400burgercafe

Rise & Grind Espresso

Self-professed sweet lovers and master shake makers, Rise & Grind will have that sweet tooth craving fixed stat. 

Browse the fitting pink menu for flavourful finds such as choc-Malteser, pavlova, snickers and coco bounty. They also bring out a new wild concoction each month, so make sure to ask what it is. You’ll basically die and go to dessert heaven.

Cafe 2TwentyFour

When Cafe 2TwentyFour say mega shake, they mean it. 

They’ve got a Gaytime and Nutella cookie dough mega shake on offer if you’re up for the challenge, or if you think you might vomit trying to down one of those you can always opt for their legendary choc honeycomb super shake. Either way, a snap of these shake creations is absolutely necessary. 

best shakes in perth - cafe 2twentyfour
Source: @cafe2twentyfour

Malibu Shakes

New kid on the block, Malibu Shakes are no doubt contenders for the best freak shakes in Perth- given their entire business is a dedicated freak shake bar. 

The retro Malibu theme is reminiscent of beach days and neon fun, with a heap of choc-a-block creations shaken to perfection and topped with all the sweets you can think up. 


Would you be able to finish an entire Pyrex jug full of shake? Well, we’ll certainly give it a crack. 

Varsity’s famous shakes will quite literally have you popping at the seams, filled to the brim in a Pyrex jug with cream and toppings flowing over the top. You can add booze to any shake of your choosing, and you’ll be the hero of the group if you drink it all.

Their choc toasted marshmallow, maple waffle and birthday cake are popular picks- just make sure you locate the nearest toilet in case things go south. 

best shakes in perth - varsity
Source: @varsity_au

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Feature Image:@flame400burgercafe

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