Drink Up: 2018 AFL Grand Final Drinking Games

Drink Up: 2018 AFL Grand Final Drinking Games

The AFL Grand Final Drinking Game - Its got EVERYTHING... including the kitchen sink.

The AFL Grand Final Drinking Game – Its got EVERYTHING… including the kitchen sink.

Player Lottery

Divide all the players up between the viewers. Every time your player gets a stat, what ever that may be, have a DRINK. If your player kicks a goal, FINISH your DRINK. Win the Norm Smith Medal? Everyone else must FINISH their DRINKS. Simple.

Fairy Tale 2 Nightmare

Every time Richmond’s 2017 premiership or minor premiership in 2018 is mentioned, have a DRINK.

You Green Magot

Every time an umpire makes a bouncing blunder, have a DRINK. If it’s a score review, everyone DRINKS until the review is complete.

Boom Boom Pow

They’re no Meatloaf, but… Black-Eyed Peas are your pre-match entertainment for 2018. Every time there is a change in singer, have a DRINK. Every time they replace Fergie for a song, REPLACE your drink with a new one.

Pot Shot

If we’re lucky enough to see a melee, everyone gets to play. Place a cup in the middle of the room. Everyone takes a shot at the cup with a bottle cap. You get it in, you’re safe You miss, you DRINK. Simple.

Do It For The Girls

As the league grows every year, so does your alcohol intake. Every time the AFLW is mentioned, have a DRINK.

Millionaire’s Hot Seat

This one is quarter by quarter. When the the camera first pans to Collingwood President, Eddie McGuire in the crowd, last one to yell ‘LOCK IT IN, EDDIE’ is now in the HOT SEAT. While in the hot seat, you must DRINK every time Eddie is on camera.

Cause a Ruckas

Whenever Brodie Grundy’s rucking prowess is mentioned, have a DRINK. Hit-out to himself? FINISH it.

Steele’s Steal

Although he didn’t come home with the prize, he wasn’t too far from stealing the show. If you have Steele Sidebottom in the lottery, start this one off. Grab yourself a medal (under 9’s participation award preferably) and put it in your pocket. Make sure the medal part is hanging out. The aim of the game is to steal the medal. Medal gets stolen, you DRINK. The stealer then becomes the new Steele.


How many!? Each time Collingwood’s Grand Final record is mentioned, have a DRINK. This is appearance no. 44 for the record.

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Black Eye

First rule about Fight Club… Every time Andrew Gaff is shown on camera, draw 5 cards from a deck. Have a DRINK for each black card drawn. WHACK!

We’re Flying High

Channel 7 are suckers for this. Every time a montage of West Coast’s previous premierships is shown, last one to point to the sky, have a DRINK.

No Shues On The Carpet

This one is the Daniel Riccardo special. If Luke Shuey slots a major, the last person to remove all footwear must do a SHOEY.

Hey Darlin’

Whoever has Jack Darling in the player lottery, you have the reigns. When Darling kicks a goal, pick someone to be your darling. As your darling, they must drink whenever you do. If he kicks another goal, your darling gets to pick his/her own darling. This continues goal after goal until you have a human centipede of drunken darlings.

Male Genitalia Appreciation

Each time Mason COX and WILLIE Rioli get a touch, count backwards from 3… 2… 1 and yell out your favourite male genital name. If someone yells out the same thing as you, DRINK.

Pints ‘N’ Puns

FEELIN’ HURNY – If key defender, Shannon Hurn, spoils the ball, have a DRINK.
LOL JK – Every time Josh Kennedy kicks a goal, FINISH your drink… Jks, finish TWO.
HOWESZAT? – Every mark taken by Jeremy Howe, have a DRINK.
MAYNE TRAIN – For every tackle recorded by Chris Mayne, yell CHOO CHOO and have a DRINK.

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