Movie Review: Benediction

Movie Review: Benediction


Benediction the movie, is a biographical drama movie exploring the turbulent life of legendary war poet Siegfried Sassoon. It’s an interesting look at the effects of war on the creative soul.

Movie Review: Benediction
Benediction movie

World War I, British soldier Siegfried Sassoon (young Sassoon Jack Lowden) was a great solider awarded the Military Cross for his efforts. An award he did not accept.

When he returns home from service he becomes a vocal critic of the government’s continuation of the war. His actions see him deemed unsound of mind and shipped off to a military hospital.

There he writes soulful poetry based on his experiences at the Western Front. He also strikes up a secret friendship with kindred spirit Wilfred. But when Wilfred is sent back to duty Sassoon is left questioning his path in life.

Sassoon’s poetry takes off and he’s invited into the life of aristocracy and London’s literary and stage world. Loved by all he embarks on affairs with several men. Each affair tells him a little more about himself but failing to make him whole. Inevitably, as was the time, he searches for inner peace in the more accepted traditional marriage, children and religion.

Lowden continues to impress as young Sassoon, so too Peter Capaldi as the older man. The story jumps around in time which can be a bit confusing at first. The use of real footage is a bold reminder of the horrors of war and makes you wonder how anyone came home sane.

Rating 6/10

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