Movie Review: The Forgiven

Movie Review: The Forgiven


The movie The Forgiven asks whether a tragic accident will provide an opportunity for growth, or be the downfall of an arrogant, entitled man. You’ll have to watch the mesmerising performances of Ralph Fiennes and Ismael Kanater to find out.

Movie Review: The Forgiven
The Forgiven

Wealthy Londoners David Henninger (Ralph Fiennes) and his wife Jo (Jessica Chastain) have been invited to a weekend of decadence in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The weekend is held at the lavish home of their friend Richard Galloway (Matt Smith) and his partner Dally Margolis (Caleb Landry Jones).

The Henninger’s are running late.

Driving through the dimly lit desert landscape at night is not ideal, especially after a few drinks. Nearing the homestead a young boy steps out in front of their car with tragic consequences. Meanwhile, all the other guests have arrived and the evening of decadence has well and truly begun. Guests start to speculate about the late couple.

Set in a backdrop of opulence and indulgence The Forgiven is a tension-packed exploration of personal morals and cultural differences. Will the accident provide an opportunity for growth or the demise of an arrogant man?

Usually when I recommend a movie be seen on the big screen it is because of the powerful action or stunning scenery. The vast arid scenery in The Forgiven is mesmerising and helps set the tone for the boys actions. Fiennes is excellent as the arrogant entitled Henninger. However, it is Kanater who steals the movie for me. His brooding stare gives nothing away. Equally fascinating is Jones, whose impressions of Buster Keaton are fabulous. I didn’t recognise him as the lead in Nitram. I will be seeking out other works from him for sure.

Rating 7/10. For more information go to Luna Cinemas.