Movie Review: The Murder Party

Movie Review: The Murder Party


If you like an Agatha Christie mystery and drooled over the details in The Grand Budapest Hotel movie, make sure you check out The Murder Party movie.

Movie Review: The Murder Party
The Murder Party

Jeanne Chardon- Spitzer (Alice Pol) is a brilliant architect. We find her in the final stages of winning a much sort after contract to renovate the stunning Daguerre mansion, and when I say mansion I mean mansion, it’s huge.

The mansion is owned by Cesar Daguerre (Eddy Mitchell), the creator of many much loved board games. With his empire in place Cesar has decided it’s time to turn his abode into a place of fun. Being of a certain age he detests computer-driven design and so we find Jeanne with her mother, putting the final touches on her paper model. Model secured in a huge bag she boards the train to her rendezvous point with Cesar’s son.

When she arrives at the mansion to met Cesar and other members of the household she is confronted with even more eccentricities. For starters she’s arrived on Murder Friday, they day they all join in a game of Murder Party. But as events unfold and Cesar is found death, Jeanne’s assignment turns to one of sleuth.

All of the cast are fun to watch, particularly Alice Pol as the confused interloper. The visuals are stunning, you could go for them alone. The movie is a reminder that all may not be as it seems. I can’t say any more.

Rating 6/10

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