Quokka Selfie Trending: Epic Rottnest Quokka Selfies To Make You Smile

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The greatest quokka selfies & social media post of all time

The world’s cutest, most happy little marsupial is always so gleeful in photographs.

Rotto’s famous colony of Quokkas is well known to Perth locals, but it’s perhaps only been in recent times that Rottnest’s popularity internationally has exploded, with thanks to social media and the Quokka Selfie.

Perth locals, Australian and international tourist, even Hollywood film starts have all visited Rotto for an iconic Quokka Selfie.

Without further ado, here’s some of the best Quokka Selfies we’ve seen so far:

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OMG Quokka credit 

Credit: Daxon

Credit: Rottnest Island

Credit: Rottnest Express


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Credit: #AdventureComedian

Dr Chris Brown – Credit 

Bridget Malcolm Wedding Day Quokka Selfie


Credit : Daxon

Credit: cambojones2020

Here’s a guide to taking the perfect Quokka Selfie thanks to Tourism WA

Quokka Selfies


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