Watch Free Netflix: Streaming Giant Launches A Free Streaming Site

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True story – Free Netflix streaming has just launched.

Free Netflix streaming… Yep that’s right. It’s what 2020 needs right now.

No this isn’t the kind where you mooch off your parents, house mate or partners Netflix account.

Netflix launched a new global website offering popular movies and shows for free, no subscription required.


What’s on the free Netflix service?

Bingeable titles include: Stranger Things, Bird Box, and Love is Blind.

But, don’t cancel your subscription just yet…

There’s a catch though:

  • The catch: Only 10 movies/shows available.
  • The other catch: You can only watch the 1st episode of a show. Movies are available in full because that would be cruel to cut out 20mins in.
  • Ads: There are some ads… the only ads you’ll see are Netflix’s attempts to get you subbed.
  • How to watch: So you can only watch the free Netflix on your computer browser or Android phone.

The move of a free Netflix is a smart by the streaming provider, it allows the company to engage a new segment of price-sensitive users and is less intense than the existing free trial with no credit card required.

Watch now:

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