Free night buses linking Perth’s entertainment precincts to be proposed as part of a major review of Perth’s CAT bus service.

One of Perth’s best assets could become even better.

Proposed is a night-time Black CAT bus that links residential developments, hotels and main entertainment districts in East Perth and West Perth with the CBD’s main entertainment districts.

To obtain further insights into commuters behaviours a new passenger counting system will also be installed on all Perth CATs by March to inform the review into whether there is a case to extend or amend the existing network.

There will also be a more in-depth review which will use a number of methods to obtain further feedback, including an online community survey and three community consultation sessions.

The addition of a Black CAT to the City of Perth would be a step in the right direction for Perth’s separated nightlife – bring east, west and CBD together, all you will have to do is jump on the CAT.

CAT crawl anyone?