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Weeks ago when I was looking at the Fringe World 2019 Perth program, Laser Kiwi was one of the first shows that went into my ‘check it out’ box. While I knew nothing about the trio the show sounded intriguing. Having seen them now I can report that the team is now on my ‘must see box’, if they ever come to town again.

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Laser Kiwi is a troupe of three award-wining artists from New Zealand. For one hour they cram in around 15 comedy and physical skits. Such a rapid fire show could easily head off track into a mess of unrelated routines. Not to worry they have a solution. Audience members were equipped with a hand-drawn running sheet at the start of the show and often asked “what’s next?” The tactic was clever as it immediately drew us in as the fourth member of the team.

As is often the case, behind the humour was immense talent. We’ve all seen ribbon routines, this was one of the best.

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Thanks to Laser Kiwi I learnt several new skills. I now know new ways to light a candle prior to a romantic evening, how to blow out candles on a birthday cake and how to pour a glass of wine. Any other artists in the audience also learnt how to ensure a standing ovation.

Aside from numerous points of humour, one of the best aspects of the show was it’s innovation and uniqueness. After seeing many Fringe World shows you start to see some similarities. Laser Kiwi however, is nothing like any of the other Fringe acts, it’s quick fire sketches hit the mark with laser accuracy.

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Glennys Marsdon
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