Fringe World 2020: Bookish Comedy Show and 100 Years History of Dance

It is with a heavy heart I report that we’ve reached the last week of the 2020 Fringe World Festival. Noooo! This week I’m reviewing a unique comedy night and a night of dance I’m really looking forward to seeing.

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A Bookish Comedy

What happens when a stand up comedy show walks into a local book club being held at Universal Bar? Answer: The latest show from Sydney based comedian George Dimarelos

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The show takes the usual stand-up comedy night approach and injects a heavy dose of page-turning books. What books I hear you ask? Well that depends on the titles offered up by the audience.

Not only does the book content change each night, so too the comedians. On the night I went I saw Aidan (Taco) Jones, Canadian comic Gillian English, and Kate Smurthwaite, each giving a blistering performance. Some of the topics discussed were: inappropriate books for 8 year olds, resting bitch face, handsome authors (cough Jasper Jones author Craig Silvey, evidently) and the requirement for all West Australians to have read Tim Winton.

Dimarelos does an excellent job as host, keeping everything together and taking his own turn. Anyone into books will love it.

100 Years Of The History of Dance As Told By One Man in 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale

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Full disclosure, I haven’t seen this yet but can’t wait. It finishes on Feb 16th so I wanted to give you enough time to grab a ticket. Mind you that might be tough as it’s been selling out.

Thanks Fringe World 2020

As the title says, the show aims to present 100 years of dance in 60 minutes. The ‘one man’ referred to is school boy Jacob who takes on this mammoth task for a school project, as you do.

The man behind Jacob, Joseph Simons, began developing the play in New York City at the Roundabout Theater Rehearsal Studios. It was further refined in London and Brisbane. Having watched the trailer I can’t wait to see this one. Hope I’ll be good enough for the ‘energetic group finale’.

For more information go to Fringe Festival 2020

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