Fringe World 2020: Review Gingzilla and Primo Loco

One week into Fringe World 2020 and I’m already driving friends crazy about the shows they need to see. This week my two picks are Gingzilla and Primo Loco.

Thanks to Fringe World Primo Loco Christine Ibriham


I’ve been waiting a year to see Gingzilla again after seeing her last year in the Little Death Club. Since then my google searchers have found her on America’s Got Talent and The X Factor UK. Each outing was impressive. She’s also been voted Top 6 Circus/Cabaret show Edinburgh Live 2019 and /top 15 Drag Shows in Britain 2019, but what would she be like in a solo show?

Thanks to Fringe World
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Gingzilla did not disappoint. Lurking beneath the red bouffant, mountain-man beard and high heel boots is a seriously talented performer. If I was in any doubt about her talent, the penny dropped when she told us she’d graduated from the much acclaimed WAAPA (West Australian Academy of Performing Arts). Having honed her skills in many a stage show, Gingzilla now presents her own slick show of comedy, audience interaction and song. If that’s not enough at the end of the show everyone gets invited onto the stage for a dance. Then outside she hugs everyone goodbye.

Gingzilla on at Gold Digger, Fringe Central until Jan 26th for the ridiculous price of $35.

Primo Loco

The job of an MC is to entice the audience and guide them through the show to a safe conclusion. First impressions of our MC, The Mighty Gareth suggested the first part of the bargain was in the bag. However when he started juggling a roaring chainsaw, the safe conclusion seemed less certain. Even more so when he later suggested an audience member remove the sword from his gullet. Thankfully he was indeed a masterful master of ceremonies. His team included …

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The Emotionists double act weaved comedy and dubious magic tricks together get the evening off to a good start. “Smoke Bomb”. Their return with, light batons that projected a myriad of patterns, gave us a glimpse at the talent behind the comedy.

I’d been fortunate to meet Phoebe Blue’s six foot plus alien at the media preview and was intrigued to see her full show. Her operatic tones spilled out of the tent as she seduced the audience, then juggled fire across her arms, finger tips and mouth. Exiting the stage with her headpiece on fire, left us wanting more.

And then there was Dado. I usually see him performing to kids in the Pleasure Garden. This time he’d taken it up a notch. His crossbow balloon routine had us laughing one minute an holding out breaths the next. Aided by a good audience member, he appeared to be having as much fun as we did.

The evening concluded with the Cirque Songstress who spent her time twirling in, around, up, under and through a suspended hoop, all the while singing. Why do one thing when you can do two right? Aside from championing women’s ability to multitask this act also highlighted the benefits of having a purpose built tent. The open roof provided a stunning backdrop of the city skyline as the songstress was taken higher into the tent.

Primo Loco is a fun, energetic circus/cabaret troupe. I fitting entre that whet my apetite for what was to come.

Primo Loco on at Empyrean Yagan Square until Feb 16th (but not Mondays). Check times. Great value for $49.

For more information go to Fringe World

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