From Saturday Optus Stadium Will Be Allowed Crowds Up To 30,000

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Optus Stadium and other stadiums around Perth will be allowed to hold events from this Saturday.

Hot off the announcement of Phase 4 COVID-19 restrictions from Mark McGowan today, sports and events will be back at Optus Stadium and other key venues in WA such as RAC Arena as Phase 4 of COVID-19 restriction easing comes into play.

“This means, Optus Stadium, HBF Park and RAC arena will be able to hold events, with up to 50% capacity crowd. Optus Stadium. We’re talking about 30,000 people for a Football game.”

While our AFL teams are currently over in QLD and confined to a Footy Hub over there, this means than on their return and if WA continues to see no spikes in new COVID-19 cases, punters will be able to attend West Coast and Fremantle Dockers games.


Mark McGowan however encouraged the WAFL to consider the use of Optus Stadium:

“I mean Optus stadium will be able to take up to 30,000 people now, If I was the WAFL. I’d be looking at that as an opportunity. You know, the football ground is available. People are starved of football. There’s a great opportunity for the WAFL to hold to events and other sports as well. So we are more progressive in this than any other state in Australia.”

“Clearly the opportunities there for sporting codes within Western Australia to hold some great events over the coming weeks.”

As for the future of the AFL Hub in Perth, the Police Commissioner Mr Chris Dawson is awaiting the results from further tests and investigations of the Connor McKenna situation before further conversations with the AFL can be had an agreement locked in.


One thing that was shared by Mr Dawson was the timeframe in which teams will compete on arrival to the Perth Hub. When asked if they teams would have to serve a 14 day quarantine before playing each other;

“No, they’d have to compete within a 14 day period but that must be within very strict protocols, so these have been explained to the AFL we’ve got some further deliberations with them. And I’ve asked him certain questions, pending on what outcome occurs with the Essendon situation. We’ll be in a much better position to close off these negotiations.”

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