Giant Cow : Knickers the Massive Cow is an Internet Star

Giant Cow in Western Australia – The Internet is going crazy for this huge bovine beast

A giant cow (technically a steer) named Knickers, living in a farm near Myalup in the South-West, has become a global media sensation.

Possibly the worlds biggest living cow, Knickers measures 194cm in height and weighs 1.4 ton.

The giant cow is one of the world’s biggest ever recorded and is certainly the biggest of its kind living in Australia.

Thankfully, Knickers is far too large for the abattoir, living out his days in peaceful retirement south of Perth.

The cow cost it’s owners for just $400 and may even become a local tourist attraction.

Knickers the Giant Cow and friends

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Knickers the giant cow in with the rest of the team.

The world’s news media has gone wild for the giant cow story, with Knickers featuring in news reports in dozens of countries across the globe.

The Guardian reported that Geoff Pearson, Knickers’ owner, had his phone running off the hook for the last day.

“I didn’t expect it to go as far as it has. I’ve been called every 10 minutes since four o’clock this morning,” he said.

Geoff reckons Knickers actually isn’t abnormal, it’s just that these types of animals aren’t often given the opportunity to grow to their full potential..

“They probably don’t have the opportunity to grow to their full potential,” Pearson says. “There could be other animals that could grow to this size but didn’t get the chance,” he reckoned.

Perhaps Knickers could be a new international tourist attraction for Western Australia?

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