A Girls Best Friend – New Film Inspired by Perth

A Girl’s Best Friend Film – Perth inspired film, written by Rebecca Caldwell and directed by Matt Reynolds coming soon

Perth filmaker Rebecca Caldwell spoke to So Perth about her upcoming movie, A Girl’s Best Friend.

The film delves into the lives of two ‘bogan’ girls struggling with life, morality and friendship, set in Perth’s suburbs.

When Phoebe (played by Chloe Brown) goes to prison, Sam (Rebecca Caldwell) swears not to follow in her BFFs footsteps, although changing her ways isn’t going to be easy.

With Phoebe doing time in the big house, Sam struggles. All is set to turn for the better when Chloe returns to freedom, but Sam’s vow to change their ways doesn’t go as planned – with Phoebe intent on returning to her old ways.

We spoke to Caldwell about the film.

SP: What inspired you to create ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’?

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Caldwell: I was writing a showreel piece (something you show your agent for casting purposes) and while I was doing my character homework, which is essentially knowing everything about the person and the scene, I accidentlally wrote a fully fledged story. I formatted it up and got some script editors advice and a few drafts later, I was pretty happy with it!


SP: What’s the message or essence of the film? What are you attempting to portray?

Caldwell: I guess the message of the film is a little shady – the ladies kind of struggle with morality and generally don’t play by the rules of society.

It’s a portrayal of women who don’t fit the normal archetype – they aren’t damsels in distress, they aren’t trying to be perfect or get the perfect job or man; they just are who they are and aren’t too apologetic about it.

Looking at it from a different perspective you could say that they are the ‘bad guys’ of the film, but watching it you probably wouldn’t think that straight up as they are likable.

We all know the loveable rogue but it’s usually portrayed by a man.

SP: How has Perth and the suburbs influenced the film and your writing?

Caldwell: At first we (Director, Matt Reynolds and I) positioned the ladies as bogans, but we didn’t want to go full ‘kath and kim’ as the bogans I know aren’t like that at all! I think the ‘Big small city’ aspect of Perth appealed to me, as if the story was expanded, you have all the workings of a small town where everyone knows each other and there are a lot of cooincidences, but also the vastness of a city where you can be anonymous if need be. I experienced that growing up in Perth as I lived next door to people with dead cars in the driveway and had wild parties, but then on weekdays I’d turn around and go to school in the western suburbs. The people from those two worlds weren’t so different to each other but they were a great unknown to those that either turned their nose up at each other or thought the bogan life was ‘scary’.

SP: Tell us about the characters?

Caldwell: I think there is a little bit of myself and everyone I know in those characters! Phoebe is the fun ‘let’s do what we want’ kind of girl – she’s like an adult on summer break. Sam is the more ‘OK, but what do we get out of this’ opportunist. Both of them have their good sides – loyal and friendly. But strip that away and they know enough to be dangerous. Chloe did an excellent job of playing Phoebe – playful but deceptive.


SP: Where do you hope to take the film?

Caldwell: We’ve already entered the film into various festivals, we won’t know the outcomes for some time as the 2016 festival season entries kind of end in the first half of the year, so we’re looking forward to early 2017 for some screenings around the country, and possibly the world. It’s all about timing, and we were a little off, haha.

SP: What does the future hold for you and your team?

Caldwell: The team was amazing on this film and of course, they are all working on other projects at the moment, as am I. It’s no coincidence that they are all busy in Perth’s small industry here as they are so dedicated. I’m hoping to pull them all together again for another film towards the end of the year, if they aren’t sick of me.

A Girls Best Friend – Concept Trailer

About the cast and crew:

Rebecca Caldwell – Started acting in high school but went on to study broadcasting and film and TV production. Was busy in 2015 and 2016 doing commercials, plays and several short films. Most recently produced and co-hosted Popcorn TV (30 episodes) . Owner of Rare Kitten Productions, which produced Girls Best Friend.

Chloe Brown – An accomplished dancer and choreographer, Chloe has also been a model and actor since she was a child. Star of feature films Lurking Woods, and the upcoming Tainted Getaway. Chloe is also co-host of Popcorn TV.

Both ladies have a new comedy lifestyle themed show coming up in spring, tentatively titled “Perth, Unfiltered”

Matthew Reynolds – Studied film at FTI and ECU, Matt has written and directed around 8 films, A Girl’s Best Friend being the first he did not write himself. His 2014 film “Perchance to Dream” and 2015’s Lady Killer (a hit at Revelation Film Fest) are screening this summer in Los Angeles.

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