Give Back: 12 Charities You Can Donate To This Christmas

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It’s The Season For Giving: Here Are 12 Charities To Donate To This Christmas

Here at So Perth we love to give back, and what better way to do that than by giving to a charity this Christmas and supporting those in need. 

Help spread the cheer this year by giving to families who have nothing, feeding the hungry, supporting those fleeing domestic abuse, giving a dog a home and shining a light on mental health. 

It’s time to take a pause on our chaotic Christmas day planning and plan how we’re going to make a difference this year. Every single dollar counts. 

Give the gift of love with these 12 charities.

Mission Australia

Everyday Mission Australia delivers homelessness crisis and prevention services, provides social and affordable housing, assists struggling families and children, supports people with disabilities and much, much more.

Making a donation this Christmas can go a long way in helping a vulnerable family:

$74 can help provide essentials such as personal hygiene and food supplies

$253 can help provide crisis accommodation for children and families without a safe place to sleep this Christmas 

You can also choose to make your donation monthly to create a lasting change for families struggling through homelessness. 

Find Out More and Donate Now


One in six adults in Australia have gone hungry in the past year. 

Foodbank fights hunger by sourcing food for people in need. They are Australia’s largest food relief organisation providing more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nationwide. They also play a vital role in tackling our food waste problem and helping our environment. 

You can help by making a donation, donating food and goods or becoming a hunger fighter with regular giving. Just one dollar donated is two meals created for people who are going without this Christmas. 

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foodbank- charities to donate to
Source: @foodbankaus


Every 30 seconds, a person in Australia reaches out to Lifeline for help. 

Lifeline is a national charity providing Australians that are struggling with mental health and stress 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. They provide a safe space for those going through a dark time and work to explore options for support. They rely on donors and partners to keep their lines running and provide the resources to answer people’s calls. 

Help save lives this Christmas with Lights for Lifeline. For $39 you can help Lifeline WA answer the next call from a fellow West Aussie who is lonely or in crisis these holidays. Every call answered is another person who no longer feels alone. 

Find Out More and Donate Now

World Vision

What better way to give this Christmas than by supporting a child living through poverty and giving them the best chance to live a long, healthy and full life by sending a World Vision gift.


World Vision is dedicated to helping children around the world live life to the fullest by providing life-changing healthcare and support. Give the gift of life changing care to those who need it most by providing clean water for a community, training a healthcare worker, providing childhood immunisation or sending a girl to school. 

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worldvision- charities to donate to
Source: @worldvision

Little Things for Tiny Tots

Little Things for Tiny Tots provides essential baby items for WA families in need so that every baby can receive the care and support they need. 

They create ‘Baby Boxes’ that are filled with items to assist mothers and families in caring for their newborns. These could be things like nappies, wipes, clothing, blankets, or books. They are a 100% volunteer-run charity, and distribute their boxes through support services, hospitals and government agencies. 

You can help by donating baby items at collection points or giving funds to pay for new and essential items. 

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little things for tiny tots- charities to donate to
Source: @littlethingsfortinytots

Beyond Blue

I’m sure you or someone you know has suffered from mental health issues at some point in life, which is why organisations like this are so important. 

3 million Australians are currently living with anxiety and depression. Beyond Blue provides information and support to help improve the lives of individuals, families and communities who are struggling. 

A donation can help support and protect an individual’s mental health, reduce people’s experiences of stigma and discrimination and improve opportunities to get effective support and services. Make your donation this Christmas in celebration of someone, in support of someone or in memory of someone.

Find Out More and Donate Now

Share The Dignity

Help make a difference to the lives of women and girls who are experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or doing it rough. 

Share The Dignity distributes sanitary items to those in need while working to end poverty in Australia. They partner with over 3,000 charities to assist women and girls who desperately need access to period products. 

This Christmas, you can donate to their annual #ItsInTheBag appeal by dropping a bag filled with everyday essentials to any local Bunnings store between Friday 19th of November and Sunday 28th of November. 

Find Out More and Donate Now

share the dignity- charities to donate to
Source: @sharethedignityaustralia

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a national charity helping disadvantaged Australians get the most out of their education to create a better future. They provide out-of-school learning support and mentoring programs and financial support to families to help afford the cost of their child’s education. 

You can help more than 1.2 million Australian children and young people who are living in poverty today this Christmas by donating or sponsoring a child to support their education needs and break the cycle of disadvantage. 

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Give the gift of life this holiday season. 

1 in 3 of us will need blood in our lifetime, but only 1 in 30 people donate. Every blood donation made can save up to 3 lives, and a new donor is needed every five minutes. Your donated blood can help people with cancer and blood disease, people having heart surgery or suffering from severe burns and people who have been in serious accidents. 


If you donate between the 15th of November- 26th of December this year you’ll receive a gift of life card that you can give to a loved one, to let them know you’ve donated on their behalf. 

Find Out More and Donate Now

australian red cross lifeblood- charities to donate to
Source: @lifebloodau

Healing Foundation

Support Stolen Generations survivors, families and communities with The Healing Foundation. 

They are a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that works with communities to create a safe environment where Stolen Generation survivors can speak for themselves and be in charge of their healing. They also promote trauma-aware, healing-informed practice to help governments and workforces understand their role in intergenerational healing. 

Find Out More and Donate Now

Dress For Success

Girl power!

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire to secure employment and development tools that will help them thrive in work and life. 

You can help offer long-lasting solutions to enable women around the globe to break the cycle of poverty. Find your local affiliate and donate clothes or donate money to help them continue to offer programs for women striving for economic empowerment. 

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Dogs Refuge Home 

Every fluffy pup deserves a loving home, and you can give them that this Christmas. 

Every year The Dogs Refuge Home takes in hundreds of dogs that have been abused, neglected, unwanted or unable to be taken care of. Your support and donations help provide vital care for every dog that comes through the gates. 

You can also support them by adopting, fostering or volunteering. Thinking of giving a puppy this Christmas? Consider giving a rescue dog a second chance and a new home instead. 

Find Out More and Donate Now

dogs refuge home- charities to donate to
Source: @dogsrefugehome

Feature Image: @dogsrefugehome

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