Perth Zoo is raising funds to help save Sumatran Tigers.

Due to habitat destruction and poaching, there are estimated to be fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild. Help us fund anti-poaching patrols and protect Sumatran Tigers in their natural habitat. They need people like you.

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Since 2006 Perth Zoo has supported and partnered with Frankfurt Zoological Society. Information gathered by constant monitoring helps to manage Bukit Tigapuluh’s animals and environment.

With at least 30 tigers known to roam Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra, protecting them from habitat destruction and poaching is essential to keeping this important population from becoming extinct.

What Does Your Donation Go Towards?

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One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs.

$40 = buys a uniform for a ranger
$60 = covers rations for a rangers on a ten day patrol
$120 = covers costs for an anti-poaching ranger on a 10 day patrol

Donate now and help to save Sumatran Tigers

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