Bluff Knoll like you have never seen before.

While climbing Bluff Knoll you are always hoping for clear skies allowing for stunning views as far as the eye can see once you reach the top – however, on this occasion, Bluff Knoll has delivered something even more breathtaking.

Watch: 5 minutes of a Stunning ‘Cloud Waterfall’ at dawn on Bluff Knoll.

It is one thing to go hiking to see some of Perth and WA’s most stunning waterfalls, but what about a cloud waterfall?

Cam Bostock st ates:


“Had a pretty surreal experience climbing Bluff Knoll with a seemingly endless waterfall of clouds plummeting over the summit. This is just a 5 minute video to share that experience with you! Leave it on in the background while you work, clean or study.”

Watch: Full video of Bluff Knoll cloud waterfall at sunrise.

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