Hipster Perth : New Drinks Laws to Attract Urban Culture Reckons Premier

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Perth Liquor Laws to attract “hipsters”

Finally, Perth liquor laws are changing to allow you to have a glass of wine in a restaurant, without having to order food.

It’s part of a push to make Perth a ‘hipster magnet,’ according to middle-aged dad Premier Mark McGowan.

What’s Changing?

The changes to the WA licensing act will cut a whole bunch of red tape that had held Perth’s restaurant and bar scene back.

Now, all licensed restaurants and venues can serve alcohol without a meal. You’ll also be able to take a half-finished bottle of wine home with you from the venue.

There’s also changes to the way government considers granting new venues approval.

WA tourism, community and cultural benefits will also now be considered in the government decision process.

Of the 819 licensed restaurants in WA, only 136 have approval to serve alcohol without a meal.

The regulations currently in the way, also discourage small businesses from starting bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, critics argue.

Good for Tourism

The AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said there were a number of liquor reforms that will ensure the state’s liquor laws are more conducive to a modern economy and better aligned to customer needs.

“It is encouraging to see the proper inclusion of tourism and its economic and employment benefits when assessing permits and applications.”

“We welcome the ability of the CEO of Tourism Western Australia to be given equal consideration to that of the Chief Health Officer and Commissioner of Police when assessing liquor licensing applications.”

Perth for ‘Hipsters’ says Premier


Hipster Perth : New Drinks Laws to Attract Urban Culture Reckons Premier
A real life hipster of Melbourne on the front cover of Melbourne hipster newspaper ‘The Age’
Mark McGowan wants to attract more hipster culture to Perth. .

Meanwhile the Premier, Mark McGowan, claimed the changes would make Perth a hipster magnet. No, seriously.

“We all know hipsters want to go to Melbourne to have fun, we want to make sure Perth competes on a level playing field with Melbourne, and that’s what these reforms are going to do,” he reckoned.

“Tourism means you have to be able to compete with other cities, with other places around the world.”

“We are moving to try to change the culture of drinking in Western Australia, towards a more continental European drinking culture,” Paul Papalia, the WA Tourism Minister



“That is going to help tourism, help hospitality, it’s going to grow jobs in that sector, make it more vibrant and diverse.”

New Hipster Perth Economy: Just 11-years ago Perth didn’t have any small bars.

Time to Deregulate Trading Hour Regulations?

The WA Opposition welcomed the move, but also used the news to argue for the deregulation of WA’s trade laws.

They pointed out you’ll be able to buy a beer but not milk after certain times in WA.

“I support liquor reforms announced today but they are incomplete without expanding trading hours.” Mike Mahan said on Twitter.

“It is embarrassing for WA to continue with these draconian trading laws. Under McGowan and Labor you can buy a beer at 6:30am in Perth City but not a bottle of milk,” he said.

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