The first flight direct Perth to Lombok.

I was lucky enough to be invited on the first direct flight from Perth to Lombok thanks to AirAsia and Ministry of Tourism Republic Indonesia. 

It’s fair to say the trip couldn’t have come at a better time with Perth being all moody and rainy, so I definitely wasn’t sad to be leaving our fine city, state and country. 

The flight was scheduled for 7:30pm take-off which was a perfect time to allow for a couple of pregame drinks while relaxing in the bar opposite gate 53. 

I Flew Perth To Lombok Direct And This Was My Experience

To be honest the start of the trip is not that much different from a flight to Denpasar. The only key difference is ignoring all the announcements of flight XZY to Denpasar is now boarding… that’s right I’m going to Lombok not Bali, plus having to remember to tell everyone you are travelling to Lombok not Bali. 

Once our flight was called, we all boarded the plane with quite a bit of fan fair, after all it is the first flight. 

The plane was your typical AirAsia plane, the one you would normally fly on your way to Bali, so if you thought you might be stuck on a smaller plane for some reason fear not. 


The flight was the usual AirAsia experience, no bells and whistles but most importantly gets the job done. Despite the rough Perth weather the flight was quite smooth and we arrived 15mins ahead of schedule. 

Landing and Lombok Airport it does bring back memories of the old Bali airport straight away. We all jumped off the plane through the tunnel and then I was surprised at how quick we got through immigration, luggage claim and customs. 

We must have just pipped another flight as when it was my turn to step up to the immigration desk I turned to see the line had now gone all the way back to the stairs. So while it was 15-20 mins from plane to outside the airport it may have been longer for some. 

Once you walk through immigration the luggage claim is right there so no having to wonder around the airport trying to find where your bags are. Once you have your bags it’s a quick check through the scanners and then you are good to go. 

Once outside the airport those familiar with Bali will know that it’s easy to grab a cab as drivers come up to you asking for taxis. It is no different in Lombok so no doubt you will be able to jump in a taxi straight away, I however had transport organised so can’t comment officially on the taxi process or cost to get to main locations in Lombok. 


AirAsia Perth to Lombok Flight details

I Flew Perth To Lombok Direct And This Was My Experience

AirAsia has launched 4 flights per week service between Perth and Lombok, with the inaugural flight touching down on last night.

Tickets are starting at just $99 one way, no doubt making Lombok a very appealing destination north of the swan river.

I am travelling as a guest of AirAsia and Ministry of Tourism Republic Indonesia. Follow us on Instagram @So.Perth to see what I get up to on the Lombok Famil. 

More updates to come.