I Watched Contagion Again & I Probably Shouldn’t Have

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It seems like we are living in a Hollywood movie after watching Contagion again.

For those who haven’t seen Contagion the gist of the movie is essentially what we are living through right now.

Watch: Contagion Trailer

In a nutshell – Contagion is about a deadly disease which starts off with just a few individuals, then within a matter of days it has spread across the world turning into a pandemic and killing millions of people. Healthcare professionals, government officials and everyday people find themselves in the midst of this pandemic as the CDC works to find a cure.

What is scary about watching Contagion again is not just the devastating loss of life due to the pandemic, but just how easy the virus spread.

The way we go about our daily lives, touching poles on public transport, the use of money, close contact to people coughing, shaking hands and then the number of times we all touch our face.

The breakdown of society is also the most daunting prospect the movie shows – what happens when society as we know it ceases to exist – when the majority of jobs are lost, more people get sick, more people continue to die, food and basic become even harder to come by and times get tougher than ever before.


Is this what the future holds? Perhaps not to this extreme (well let’s hope), but what it does show is that the coronavirus is not something to downplay – when not only lives are at risk but also society as we know it – and if the last week and a half is anything to go by our society might not be the same for a while.

How to watch Contagion in Australia


Seems I’m not the only one who has dusted off this 2011 movie as it is now currently #3 on the iTunes top movies.

For $4.99 you can rent it or for $14.99 you can purchase the movie.

Watch on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/au/movie/contagion

Is Contagion on Netflix?

I glad you asked. Is it on Netflix Australia… No. Is it on Netflix Canada… Yes

So if you want to watch Contagion on Netflix you will need to grab yourself a VPN

1. VPN Needed

For those who don’t have a VPN setup you will first need to download a VPN program – we would recommend using Express VPN as it’s highly trusted and easy to install and use.

While Express VPN isn’t free – prices start from $8.32 USD per month. It will allow you to connect to one of 160 server locations around the world (one being Canada) whilst providing safe and secure browsing.

2. Location Canada

Once you have installed the VPN you will need open and run the program to set your location to a Canada location.


Once connected you are then able to open Netflix and they will think will you are in the great white north.

While you might think this is a lot of effort and messing around just to watch a movie. By changing your location to the U.S you can then access the U.S Netflix library which has a greater number of shows than Australia. Plus for those who are really keen to dive into the world of VPN’s you can look to set up Hulu and HBO streaming through a VPN as well – which will then make self-isolation a breeze.

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