Invitation To Join So Perth On Our Journey & Become A Shareholder

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We are welcoming our So Perth community to become share holders.

Our story

Hopefully, you’ve been following So Perth for a while now and you know what we do. On the surface, So Perth is a new media platform that publishes awesome content on a variety of subjects from the best eats around Perth to the latest updates on Coronavirus. 

Our philosophy has always been to keep it positive where we can and refrain from publishing any negative news. The world already has enough of that and we’d prefer to make people smile each day. 

We are now so much more than So Perth. We are So Media Group and have grown the ‘So’ brand to include So Where Next, a travel inspiration platform; and So Binge, an all things entertainment platform. 

Invitation To Join So Perth On Our Journey & Become A Shareholder

What we want to achieve

We want to turn 2021 into an epic year. We have developed some amazing and ambitious plans for what we want to achieve and where we want So Media Group to be by years’ end. This includes making a Melbourne and Sydney version of So Perth so they can enjoy the same flair that Perth people love. 

We can’t do it alone though. 

To take our vision and turn it into reality, we need capital to grow. The approach most companies take here is to go to venture capitalists and professional investors and get their financial backing. 

While we’re not against doing this, we wanted to reach out to our loyal readers – people like you – and offer you the chance to express your interest in becoming one of our investors and shareholders.

We’ve got to where we are now by growing a community and believing in that community. 

So we believe the best way forward for us is to give that community a chance to join us on our journey. 

We’re using an equity crowdfunding platform called Birchal to run this process for us and ensure that everything is legal and above board. Through the Birchal platform, you are able to invest in us for as little as $50. 

If you love our content and believe in us, we’d love for you to join our journey. Simply register an EOI here and you’ll be the first to have access to purchase shares when we go live in a few weeks’ time. 

*Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing

You can also follow our journey and connect with the team on LinkedIn. We’re always happy for you to DM us there and ask us any questions.

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