Isol-Aid: Live Stream Music Festival Happening This Weekend

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Help raise money for Australian music by spending the weekend on Instagram.

What a week it has been! I think we can all agree that the world has gone sideways and there hasn’t been much good news or even anything to mildly celebrate. But how about a weekend worth of Aussie music streamed live on Instagram to make things better? Welcome, Isol-aid.

While many have already been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, none have been hit harder than the arts – with local musicians having to cancel gigs all over the country.

From adversity comes opportunity, Isol-Aid will kick off this weekend – a 2 day live streaming event through Instagram.

Here’s how it works

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From 12 noon to 12 midnight on Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March.

Artists will play a 20-minute set streamed live on their Instagram accounts, and then tag-team the next artist to play, sending fans down a rabbit-hole of new music discovery.

They’ll be performing live from wherever they’re practising self-isolation – from bedrooms, bathrooms, studios, anywhere!

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Viewers who tune in will be encouraged to donate to a fundraiser set up for Support Act, Australia’s leading organisation that provides relief services for music industry workers facing mental health issues or financial hardship.

“If they are in the financial position to do so, viewers are encouraged to buy music and merch from the artists’ Bandcamp and Patreon pages, and websites.

It all starts on Instagram at 12 midday this Saturday, March 21 with a kickoff from @millylala and @merpiremusic.

For more event details facebook.com.

Full Isol-Aid Lineup

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