Justin Bieber Music Plays to Torture School Kids

Justin Bieber Music Plays to Torture School Kids at Perth School

Is it too late to say sorry?

School students at P&C Secret Harbour Primary School are being tortured by the sounds of Justin Bieber every day, until they can raise enough money for school charity, Ellie Honeybone reports.

Local newspaper The Sounds Telegraph reports children are being forced to listen to Bieber over and over again on a public announcement system.

The school is playing the track “Sorry” from Bieber on a loop – between classes, at lunch time and recess and before and after the school day.

The song was chosen as a way to incentivise fundraising, after it was identified as being disliked by the kids.

Sadistic teachers first noticed “their reactions to Bieber’s songs” during school dance classes.

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It’s enough to drive you crazy girl, crazy girl.

Only when $1,000 is raised for new infrastructure ta play equipment areas will the Biber music torture stop.

Read more: http://www.soundtelegraph.com.au/?32217973

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