KFC Releases A Secret Chicken Nugget Burger 'The Nug-A-Lot'

Shut up and take my money indeed!

We are often guilty of getting a side of nuggets with a burger, but now through a secret menu you can just get both in one with KFC’s secret menu chicken nugget burger ‘The Nugg-A-Lot’.

First of all, to get your hands on this burger wonder you will need to access the secret menu, then you will need to download the KFC app, select your nearest store, tap order and as soon as the menu appears – drag the screen down and hold until you see the Colonel.

Then you will be able to access ‘The Nugg-A-Lot’ burger.

What is ‘The Nugg-A-Lot’ Burger

KFC Secret Chicken Nugget Burger
KFC Secret Chicken Nugget Burger

KFC describes the burger as the iconic Original Recipe Fillet, cheese, supercharged sauce, mayonnaise, and golden chicken nuggets.

KFC fans have even more to be excited about as the secret menu is updated monthly and will continue for the rest of the year.

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You’ll be singing – I got nuggets!

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