Kingdom of the Quokka – Rottnest Island Documentary Reveals the Violent Side of the Marsupial

Kingdom of the Quokka – Rottnest Island Documentary

A new documentary, airing on National Geographic Channel, promises to reveal the real life of Rottnest’s famed Quokkas.

The film, produced by Perth based Sea Dog TV International, promises to show audiences Quokka behaviour never seen before, including dramatic scenes of vicious violence between male Quokkas.

The producers told Fairfax Media what they saw:

“They fight like little furry ninjas. They’re vicious, they take chunks out of each other. They’re really quite aggressive,” he said.

“We even had the little joeys turning on some of the big males.

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Quokkas in a ninja like fight on Rottnest seen in the film Kingdom of the Quokka.

“We saw behaviour like they’re climbing trees. It’s not well known that they can climb trees.

“We captured them drinking salt water, which ultimately could kill them but there is a theory they go for the fresh layer on top.

The film explores not just our famed marsupial friends, but also Carnac and Penguin Island off the Perth coast. The documentary is going to be an extraordinary look for everyone in Perth, to see the natural magic happening on our doorstep.

Synopsis of ‘Kingdom of the Quokka’

On the far west of the Australian continent, with the limitless Indian Ocean beyond, there is a set of islands whose animals defy all laws of nature.

The three islands lie side by side, but each is ruled by a different animal. One by a unique marsupial, the second by a penguin and the third by one of the world’s most venomous snakes, as though evolution has divided the real estate equitably. And on the islands each animal has become stranger than ever – with a set of features so unique they are bizarre.

One of the worlds ‘happiest’, yet most vulnerable marsupials, the Quokka thrives only on Rottnest Island. In almost plague proportions over ten thousand of the strange relic wallabies live here.

Quokka fight

How do they survive here in such inhospitable conditions and nowhere else? For the first time in the world we film the life-cycle of the mysterious Quokka, the Little Penguin and the Tiger Snake, using the latest filming equipment and techniques.

Rottnest Island Kingdom of the Quokka reveals their incredible secrets with an exclusive and intimate look at the inhabitants and those intertwined in their lives on the islands and in the fringing ocean.

Quokkas somehow manage to drink fresh water from salty lakes.

The documentary airs on Nat Geo TV December 16th

“Quokkas are famously known as the happiest animal on earth, but in this series their secret real lives will be revealed,” the narrator says.

“Surprising violence in the fight to ensure the survival of their dynasty.”

Video: Rottnest Island – Kingdom of the Quokka

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