Knickers the Cow Really a Cow at All?

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Knickers the cow questions – Media debate merits of our new hero

“First, they notice you, then they idolise you and finally they try to tear you down,” the Bell Tower Timez tweeted. How true.

Yes, the Kickers the Cow international media phenomenon continues. Now prestigious Jeff Benzos owned The Washington Post has fired off a controversial story, weighing in on the hefty situation in a way that angered legions of fans across the internet.

“The big cow is a lie,” the outlet tweeted, sparking outcry.

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The article, since destroyed by other Journalists – including ABC local news Journos from WA – claims Nickers the giant cow is not really a cow at all. In fact, they claim Knickers “isn’t even giant.”

“Knickers is big but(t) also that his bigness is relative to what he is being compared,” The Post wrote.

Big Knickers

The beast measures 194cm in height and weighs 1,400-kilograms. Well, that’s pretty bloody massive.

Adding to the insult, without actually sending any reporters of their own to the paddock at Myalup, The Post went on to claim the Knickers ISN’T EVEN A COW!

“it’s important to note that Knickers is not a cow but a steer.”

Get out!

Well, local reporter Jacqueline Lynch was literally in the field with Knickers today and had this to say.

The ABC News WA Journalist first reported the story several weeks ago.

“For me, a woman of five-foot-seven, it was pretty intimidating when all of his 1,400 kilograms first came lumbering through the gate towards me.

In a field full of normal-sized cattle, he certainly commands a degree of respect and humility from those trying to take his photo,” she wrote.


Is Knickers a Cow or a Steer?

Technically, Knickers is a Steer. However, as The Guardian rightly points out, it really is a question of semantics.

Like it or not, referring to bovines of all sexes as “cow” is widely accepted, and this usage is cited in multiple Queens English dictionaries, the Guardian wrote.

The website also corrected accusations about Knickers height and weight as normal. No, Knickers is most definatley not normal.

So we can still refer to Knickers, officially a Holstein Friesian steer, as a cow.

People Want to Eat Knickers

People are saying they want a piece of Knickers for dinner! Shame on them.

One Sydney Morning Herald Journalist, Vince Rugari, proclaimed how hungry Knickers made him.

The Daily Show Lampoons the coverage

How tall is Knickers really?


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Giant Cow : Knickers the Massive Cow is an Internet Star

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