Kyle Chalmers – Instant Australian Olympic Legend

Kyle Chalmers came out of nowhere.

The 18-year-old hasn’t even finished High School yet; and now he’s an instant Australian Olympic legend.

The Adelaide native, Kyle Chalmers gave one of the most breathtaking gold medal performances in living memory.

He just kind of turned up and smashed it. Watching this live was almost unbelievable.

The teenager, barely mentioned by the 7 sport commentators, was suddenly powering through the field to victory. Right at the perfect moment in the famous blue ribbon event – the 100m freestyle.

He turned at the wall, 7th. He looked to be out of it, but somehow, Chalmers smashed right through his accomplished competitors in the final 40 meters, reached for the wall and claimed the 2016 Olympic Gold.

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Fellow Aussie Cameron McEvoy was the focus at the start of the race, with Chalmers seen as an outsider. The overnight household name let his swimming speak for itself.

Kyle Chalmers is the son of AFL player Brett Chalmers, who played for the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power.

The scenes at Rio were incredible, look at the reaction from Australian coaching, support staff and fellow Olympians

Chalmers Shocks the World – Knocking off Donald Trump on the CNN.com homepage.

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NBA star powers Kyle Chalmers? USA Basketball player Kevin Durant sent this powerful message to Chalmers before the race. Arranged by Australian Swimming manager Gary Vanderburgt, Chalmers is a huge fan of the US Olympian. And he sent this message to him before the race.

Received the best goodluck message this morning – thankyou @easymoneysniper

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Kyle thanks everyone on Instagram after the race

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