Latest Coronavirus Statistics: Live Interactive Coronavirus Dashboard

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It’s scary when it refreshes.

For those that want to stay on top of the numbers, there is a real-time live interactive Coronavirus dashboard now available.

The dashboard developed by Goh Kok Han using Datastudio by Google pulls in data from WHO & John Hopkins University to map out what is happening in the world right now with the Coronavirus pandemic.

How it works

Users can view the data at a global level or alternatively filter down to a specific country to see just what is happening in your own backyard across confirmed cases, active known cases, recovery and deaths.

Easily see the countries with the most known cases of Coronavirus, showing the top 10 countries to date (as of March 17th 12:05am)

  1. China: 81,020
  2. Italy: 24,744
  3. Iran: 14,991
  4. Spain: 9,407
  5. South Korea: 8,236
  6. Germany: 6,672
  7. France:5,380
  8. U.S: 3,670
  9. Switzerland: 2,200
  10. UK: 1,543

Australia Coronavirus statistics

Australia currently has 367 known cases. Filtering down further into states

  1. NSW: 171
  2. VIC: 71
  3. QLD: 68
  4. SA: 29
  5. WA: 28

At the time of finishing this article, there are 174,397 confirmed cases in 118 counties. 77,631 have recovered, 6,696 have died leaving 90,070 active cases.

Which is 279 new cases, 1 more country, 0 new recoveries, 188 more deaths and 4,838 more active users in the time it took to write this article compared to the original screenshot.


I wonder what the numbers will be when you have finished reading this article.

Check out the Coronavirus live dashboard via

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