Lavazza Film Festival 2019

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The 2019 Lavazza Italian Film Festival will showcase 26 new Italian films, drama, thrillers, comedies, World and Australian premiers. If the past years are anything to go by I’m be trying to work out how to cram several in.

This year represents the 20th Italian Film Festival. My tips for this year are:

Opening night: The Champion. October 2. Make sure you arrive early to sample the fine Italian fare from La Sosta restaurant while being entertained by accordion players. The festival will be opened by the Italian Deputy Consul, Elio Mancini. Then take a seat for The Champion, a tale about the world of professional Italian millionaire footballers, and knowing who to trust. If you’re living your dream earning $3 million dollars how do you engage with the friends from your old life?

Closing night: Pavarotti Oct 23. Then finish up with Luciano Pavarotti. Prior to the film there’ll be a live performance from West Australian Opera’s Paul O’Neill, along with food from Fremantle restaurant Parlapa and a glass of prosecco. What more do you need? The movie reminds of the larger than life Luciano Pavarotti, one of the most famous tenors in history. It features never-before-seen footage, concert performances and intimate interviews.

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Others that sound interesting are:

  • I’m Not A Killer. One livid dawn, a cold and damp wind blows as a man walks alone through the darkness. Deputy Police Superintendent Francesco Prencipe (Scamarcio) is on his way to meet his best friend, Judge Giovanni Mastropaolo (Boni) whom he hasn’t seen for almost two years. The men drive for two hours and exchange but a few words. Later that morning, the Judge is found dead, a single gunshot wound to his head. Francesco is the last person who saw him and his fingerprints are the only ones found in the house. But is he the murderer?
  • An Ordinary Summer. Two very different families spend their holidays in the same house by the seaside: the aristocratic Castelvecchios are open-minded and eccentric, whereas the working-class Petagnas are tight-knit southerners united around their firm family values. Only the two middle-aged heads of the families know what has brought such distant worlds together on this summer holiday. When an unexpected engagement is announced, the lives of all are turned upside down. With the wedding already set for three weeks, chaos and catastrophe reign on this seemingly ordinary summer.
  • Ten Days Without Mamma. Carlo and Giulia are married with three children and a home life that functions seamlessly. That is because Giulia left work to devote all her time to the family allowing Carlo to be an absent father who is completely absorbed by his corporate job. Order turns to chaos when Giulia, tired and stressed out by home life, decides to treat herself to a ten-day holiday with her sister in Cuba and Carlo is forced to take on more responsibilities around the house. Hysterical arguments, disasters and near tragedies ensue. Genovesi’s entertaining new take on the eponymous Argentinian smash-hit brings an Italian sensibility and new laughs paired with de Luigi’s likeable comedic charm.
  • Welcome Back Mr President. Peppino, a provincial librarian who became the accidental President of Italy, is now a father and has returned to a peaceful, happy life as a woodsman. That is, until his wife Janis decides to return to politics. Peppino is forced to abandon his home in the mountains and return to Rome to win back his love and help her defeat a speculative plot intended to damage Italy. Together, they must fight against social media attacks of the opposition and get the country back on its feet.
  • The Invisible Witness. When slick and successful businessman Adriano wakes up next to his dead mistress in a resort hotel room, he becomes the obvious chief suspect. He selects Virginia Ferrara, a veteran criminal attorney who has never lost a case to defend him. The two only have three hours to prepare the case, discredit a key witness, and find the evidence confirming Adriano’s innocence. Largely told in flashback, director Stefano Mordini’s taut thriller cleverly recreates the days that lead up to that terrible night as the guilt-ridden Adriano, still in love with his wife, tries to break off his affair while on a clandestine trip. As more facts are coaxed out by Virginia, the characters’ motivations begin to blur. 
  • Let Me Introduce You To Sofia. Gabriele is a divorced dad who owns a music store and is completely focused on taking care of his 10-year-old daughter Sofia who spends time with both parents. One day he bumps into his old friend Mara who – for the first time since his separation – reignites his desire to be in a relationship. There is only one problem, Mara hates children! Blinded by desire, Gabriele decides to hide the existence of Sofia, but not without hilarious consequences. One awkward charade follows another as Gabriele desperately fumbles to conceal one female from the other and uphold his plan. Suddenly, an unexpected turn of events forces Gabriele to review his entire approach.

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