12 Things You Miss When You Leave Perth

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12 Things You Miss When You Leave Perth

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There are just some things that are So Perth that you just can't match anywhere else in the world!

First off why would you want to leave Perth?

However if you were to leave Perth (short or long term), there are just some things that are So Perth that you just can’t match anywhere else in the world!

Sunset City

Source: cooperbrownlee.com
Source: cooperbrownlee.com

Living in a place with a beautiful city skyline and amazing beaches! Perth is sunset city.

Swan Valley – Margaret River (Take Your Pick)

Source: willsdomain.com.au

30 minutes north east for Perth is the Swan Valley or 3 hours south and you are in Margaret River. Both regions are full of wine, beer and delicious local produce, with some considered some of the best in Australia and the world.

The Dry Heat

12 Things You Miss When You Leave Perth

45 degrees dry heat or 35 degrees and muggy? Perthians much prefer a dry heat as oppose to the muggy, sweaty climates.

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Driving (Because public transport just isn’t an option)

driving-perthHow often have you been on holiday or lived overseas and then come home and said ‘it’s great to be driving again’ or ‘it’s great to be able to drive anywhere’. If there is one thing Perthians love – it’s getting behind the wheel because the train/bus just isn’t an option.

Cheap and Short Flights to Western Australia’s Most Northern point (Bali)

Source: theyakmag.com

No more quick cheeky weekend trips to Bali. No more 3 hour flights. No more $300 return airfares…

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The happiest animals in the world! Good luck trying to find a more photogenic animal in the world to get a photo with. Having a down day? nothing a Quokka Selfie can’t fix!

Vitamin D

It has been well documented that Perth is one of the sunniest places in the world. Moving away from Perth could cause Vitamin D deficiency.

(Want to come home to Perth from a cold climate? Cheap flight deals by Qatar Airways)

Life is a Beach

Source: sundaysunset.com
Source: sundaysunset.com

World class beaches from top to bottom in Western Australia. Check them out here, here and here… and here to name a few.

Footy Footy and more Footy

If you follow West Coast Eagles or Fremantle Dockers than you will have massive withdrawals moving away from Perth when sport updates don’t start with news from WA footy teams.

High Priced Coffee

perth-coffeeNo, we don’t like paying $5 for coffee, however, we do like telling everyone about it when we aren’t in Perth. So deep down we secretly love it as it’s a conversation starter.

All Season Wear (Thongs)


A photo posted by So Perth (@so.perth) on

With only a few cold-ish weeks one can actually get away with wearing thongs all year. Socks might be needed at time though…

The Sunday Sess

Source: design-estate.com.au

With so much sun, our beautiful beaches, wineries, breweries etc – Perth has so many options to enjoy a Sunday Session in the sun with friends. No better way to close off the week.

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