The Best Places To See Jacarandas Flowering In Perth

Jacaranda trees flowering in Perth
See the world in purple with these Jacaranda walks in Perth.

The Best Places To See Jacarandas Flowering In Perth

See the world in purple with these Jacaranda walks in Perth.
Jacaranda trees flowering in Perth
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It’s the time of year when Jacarandas are in full bloom, resulting in a beautiful see of purple lining some streets in Perth. Typically, Jacarandas bloom during the start of the warmer months, aka spring, so the best time to see them is October through to early December most years.

So, where can you see these flowering Jacaranda trees in Perth?

It’s time to set your GPS tracker to locate purple as we uncover the best spots around Perth to see Jacaranda trees in full bloom.


Hyde Park is a magical place and beautiful to visit at any given time. But once the Jacaranda trees are in bloom, it makes your visit to this inner-city park that extra bit of a fairytale experience. On your way, be sure to stop by upmarket patisserie, Chu Bakery — located across the road — and pick up, well, any one of their creations.


Flowering Jacarandas lining the streets of Applecross | Credit: Shutterstock

When in search of a sea of purple trees, look no further than the home of the annual Jacaranda Festival, Applecross Village. The sight of lilac hues will give your step an extra spring as Applecross’s beautiful bloom is nothing short of a neighbourhood spectacle. Cap off your tour with a bite from brunch mavericks Cioccolato Espresso.

North Perth

Deeply rooted into North Perth suburbia lies the seasonal purple mecca, Leake Street. With Jacaranda trees fringing both sides, it gives the street an almost purple canopy with stunning views of the city skyline in the midst. Venture to neighbourhood coffee shop staple, Engine Room Espresso to make your spring outing that extra bit warmer.


Give your legs a bit of a workout by snaking along Inglewood’s avenues. From Sixth to Tenth, you’ll be seeing purple with the avenue’s towering jacaranda trees something of natural street art. Inject more colour into your Inglewood outing by heading to Finlay & Sons and grabbing yourself a colourful lunch or take a walk down Beaufort Street and visit one of the many foodie hotspots.


Jacarandas blooming in Subiaco | Credit: @debbites

Out with the footy colours of yesteryear and in with lavender hues as the Subiaco area beautifully blooms in the springtime. The best spot to catch a sea of purple Jacarandas is heading to aptly named, Old Jacaranda Way. After you stroll down this tiny whimsical street, visit Subiaco Common for another treat to the scenic senses.

East Perth

East Perth’s Marlborough Street exhibits a strip of purple paradise come into spring that is every bit worthy of a snap-happy affair. Catch some purple Zen before watching a game at Optus Stadium or simply head to Claisebrook Inlet afterwards and enjoy breakfast at local favourite, The Partisan.

Feature image: Twitter @nessa_b117