Perth COVID-19 update

Mark McGowan Provides Latest Perth COVID-19 Update: 0 New Cases, WA v Palmer, AFL Grand Final & More

Latest Perth COVID-19 update.
Perth COVID-19 update
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Premier Mark McGowan provides the latest Perth COVID-19 update.

Today Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announced there were no new cases of COVID-19 recorded in the state overnight and 9 active cases remain – with all active cases in hotel quarantine.

After the meeting of National Cabinet this morning, Mr McGowan was able to provide some further insights into the post-COVID-19 recovery of Western Australia and an update on the road ahead.

WA is leading the economic recovery

Mr McGowan states numbers have shown that we are leading the nation’s economic recovery in Western Australia because our life is as normal as it can be.

“Western Australia had recovered around 40% of the jobs lost between February and May. We expect more jobs have been recovered, since then.”

Off the back of the job recovery rate, Mr McGowan referrenced signficaint improvements in the retail and buliding and construction sector.

“Western Australia was the only state seen expansion in the retail sector over the June quarter. Building and Construction industries are now powering along with new home sales data showing 170% increase in sales in the two months in our housing package.”

“We still have a long way to go. And we know that some Western Australian workers and businesses are still doing very tough.”


WA v Palmer

Mr McGowan in no uncertain terms has said we will fight back and continue to fight back.

“He picked a fight with Western Australia. He’s the one who wanted to challenged our borders. And as we know our border save lives. People are alive today, because we put the border in place.”

“This is a nuclear attack on our state by someone who doesn’t have our interests at heart.”

“I was elected as premier of the state to defend the state to do the right thing. To ensure that I leave the state in a better position than I found, Mr Palmer is a threat to that. So I’ll continue to fight and a won’t be silenced. I won’t be stopped by him issuing these legal proceedings.”

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WA Border

Prompted about borders and a bubble with South Australia, Mr McGowan was quick to dismiss such an arrangement.

“South Australia has had infection come in. Queensland had infection come in with some of the decisions they’ve made. So, our view is our arrangements have worked.”

“They are secure sensible. At this point in time. They’ve been very effective we’re not going to change them.”

“So the borders will stay in place until we get health advice to bring them down. And I suspect that will be a fair way away.”

Premier plays hard to get on AFL Grand Final

Optus Stadium
Optus Stadium a chance to host the AFL Grand Final

When asked about the AFL Grand Final and the pending decision coming from the AFL next week on the host of the game, McGowan was firm on his stance and noted that WA is essentially playing hard to get.


“If they meet our health requirements then it should be held in Western Australia. We’ve advised the AFL of that I’ve done that in person, and we have been very clear with the AFL about that. “

“We haven’t hunted it. We haven’t been desperate for it. We haven’t been pleading for it. We just said, these are the guidelines. These are the rules adhere to them like everyone, and the grand final can be held at the best Stadium in the country.”

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Watch: WA Premier Mark McGowan with a Perth COVID-19 update.

WA COVID-19 update | August 21

#LIVE: WA Premier Mark McGowan and Health Minister Roger Cook with an update on COVID-19.

Posted by ABC Perth on Thursday, 20 August 2020

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