Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan provided the latest Perth AFL Hub update from Collie today.

The latest update from Mark McGowan suggests that there might not be a series of games between the Victorian and Western Australia teams in the Perth AFL Hub as perhaps first expected – instead only Geelong and Collingwood to play each other during the quarantine period.

Perth AFL Hub update

Mr McGowan wanted to ensure everyone that there would be no risk to the community with Victorian AFL clubs coming to play within the AFL Perth Hub.

“It will be a secure quarantine arrangement whereby they do not mix with local people. So they stay within the hub. They play each other within the hub. They don’t mix with local people.”

However, it now doesn’t seem like a confirmed schedule after Mr McGowan’s statement when asked about the details of Geelong and Collingwood arrival into Perth “Geelong and Collingwood, if they come here

, would be able to play each other within the quarantine period. But when you think about it, they’re both from Victoria. They’re not mixing with anyone from Western Australia. They’re not playing the West Australian teams within that quarantine period. So they’re not going to breach any rules by playing each other in the hub within the quarantine period as to what date they arrive. I don’t actually know, but we’re making sure that the high safety standards of quarantine standards are in place.”

This suggests that thoughts of Collingwood and Geelong playing the Western Australia teams might not take place and further details will need to emerge as to how the Perth AFL Hub will work and if at all.

Mr McGowan was also quick to reiterate WA’s desire to hold to AFL Grand Final.

After the announcement this morning where Victoria saw 75 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed overnight “what’s going on in Victoria is very disturbing, and that’s why we have our border arrangement in place to protect our citizens.” Mr McGowan said.

“If the MCG can’t hold the grand final, the best location in the strongest football state is here in Perth. And obviously we’d be happy to work with the AFL on that.”


So it seems until the AFL provides a firm stance on the AFL, McGowan will continue to fly the flag for an Optus Stadium AFL Grand Final.

The Queenslands government have also just announced new restrictions, ruling any Queensland based team that plays a Melbourne team must quaratine for 14 days.

The same rules will apply to any team returning from Melbourne, or which has just played a Victorian team.

West Coast’s game against Richmond on the Gold Coast for this round has been postponed.

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