The number one street for Perth Christmas lights is Marriot Way, Morley.

2018 marks the 26th year Marriot Way has come to life with Christmas lights – spreading joy throughout Perth as Christmas light hunters come from all over Perth to see how much bigger and better they get year on year.

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Source: John Roe

What started off as a string of 10m fairy lights bought from Kmart (they were the first to ever stock fairy lights), has now 26 years later turned into a 200,000 Perth Christmas lights extravaganza and a must see for every Christmas enthusiaist.

How longs does it take to put together Perth’s best Christmas lights display?

Marriot Way: Perth's Best Christmas Lights Spectacular

The Christmas lights display isn’t simply just thrown together overnight… or even over a couple of nights. Marriot Way Christmas lights display takes  3  technicians 3 and a half weeks plus John to put it all up.

This also doesn’t take into consideration the 8-10 months of new designs/construction.


Then of course once it’s all said and done the display take about a week to strip it down and pack away.

It’s all for a good cause

Over the years John has raised $62,500 for PMH from 1998-2006 and most recently nearly $17,000 for the Cancer Council of WA.

So please give generously and continue to support John’s efforts to raise much-needed funds for the Cancer Council of WA.

What can you expect at Marriot Way in 2018?

2017 was popular with 13,000 Christmas punters through the gates and this year they are sporting the biggest secret in Perth with the Southern Aurora Spiral lights tunnel showing a spectacular sequence of the southern Aurora Spiral of 10,000 LED that change 7 different colours is the first in Australia.

There is so much to see at this display and as mentioned they are supporting the Cancer Council of WA with donation welcomed at the end of the display.

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Want to see more Christmas light locations in Perth?

We have 2 ways you can get out and explore the Christmas joy in Perth Suburbs.

So Perth Christmas Lights Bot: The Easiest Way To Search and Discover Perth Christmas Lights

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And then the next one… and then the next one.

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So Perth Christmas Lights Location Map 2018

Marriot Way: Perth's Best Christmas Lights Spectacular

Don’t have Facebook Messenger – easy, we have listed all Christmas light locations via our interactive map.

Find Perth Christmas light displays around your suburb with our map, showcasing locations from last year’s Perth Christmas lights display and recent 2018 Christmas light user submissions.

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