Movie Review: 23 Walks Review

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What if meeting your partner didn’t involve a dating app? And what if you were in the twilight years of your life? 23 Walks offers up a gentle tale of finding love later in life.

Set in London 23 Walks centres on Fern (Alison Steadman) who’s first seen out walking her little dog. Her walk is interrupted by Dave (Dave Johns) and his large German Shepard. The initial meeting does not go well, especially as Dave does not have his dog on a leash.

Each encounter that follows sees the couple draw closer as they begin to let down their guards. We learn that Dave is a mental health nurse and Fern works in reception at a Natural Therapy Clinic. Things are going well, very well.

Thanks to Dave’s support, Fern learns to trust again.

“There is no good denying grief you have to invite it in and make a friend of it.” explains Dave.

23 Walks is a light exploration of grief, happiness, and later life romances. At times the story is very slow, predictable and the delivery stilted. Still, it’s nice to see these two great actors in screen. It’s also good to see seniors issues being held up to the light rather than being forgotten about. Go for the parks and dogs.

23 Walks Review

Rating: 4 stars out of 10.

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In cinemas July 30. For information go to Luna Cinemas.

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