Movie Review: A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

Powerful, life affecting, movie. Every now and then a movie comes a long that has the capacity to change lives, think Shirley Valentine and Eat Prey Love, Philadelphia. With just one glance, A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood is a powerful, must see movie for anyone who feels angry, hard done by, or holding a grudge. Hurry up and see it so I can talk to you about it.

Thanks to A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood is the name of an iconic American children’s show hosted by the much loved Fred Rogers. Think a wholesome Play School show teaching young children right from wrong.

After a quick introduction to the show the movie focuses on hard hitting magazine journalist Tom Junod (Matthew Rhys). Junod is tasked with profiling Mr Rogers and he’s not happy about it. Years of journalistic cynicism sees him sharpen his pencil, determined to uncover the truth about the idolised Mr Rogers (Tom Hanks).

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Based on a the real-life relationship between these two men, the movie touches on kindness, forgiveness, empathy and decency.

It’s not often an audience of movie reviewers scuttles out of a theatre trying not to make eye contact. The movie contains possibly the most important one minute seen in a movie in a long time. Such a clever device.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood is a timely reminder about what’s important in life.

Rarely does a film double as a group therapy session. Both Hanks and Rhys do a wonderful job.

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