Movie Review: Camino Skies

Having spent three days on a wellness retreat I arrived at the screening of Camino Skies in an appropriately meditative head space. The danger was being so zen would I fall  asleep half way through?

Camino Skies the movie, follows six strangers from New Zealand and Australia as they walk the Camino de Santiago. The world famous 800 km walking trail that starts in France and finishes in Spain.

Unlike movies about the trails like the Kakoda Track we’re not talking ex-Army, ex-athletes or sportspeople, we’re talking about mum’s and dads all at a crossroad in their lives. Each searching for the strength within to carry on and not just on the trail.

Amongst them we have 70 year old Sue who’s main aim is “I don’t want to stop.” 69 year old Terry 69 and his son in law. Julie in her 54th year who hopes to “box on forward” and rounding out the group is Cheryl 56  and Claude 72.

Every day they set out to conquer 25 kilometres, walking sticks in hand and backpacks weighing them down less than their thoughts.  Along the way we learn each persons reason for taking on the challenge. For some it’s to overcome physical trauma, to prove a point to themselves if no one else. For others it’s personal, with more than one dealing with grief. 

We soon learn from Terry, who is on a repeat visit (yes he went back for more) that the walk is divided into three parts – the initial physical hardship, the mental anguish and the spiritual end.  The middle, he confides is particularly tough given the scenery changes to a boring sameness, although to me it still looked pretty good. 

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With each foot stomp you can feel the blisters, shin splints and heat. Step by step we watch on as they explore themes of spirituality, and well-being but mostly mate-ship and a hunger to make a change. We’re also privy to the little tricks the human spirit dreams up under extreme duress.

“A good meal, good bed and good company, we’ll be right,” said Terry.

“I can do it. I can do it,” chants Sue.

Camino Skies is a gorgeous, inspiring tale of ordinary people digging deep into spirit to achieve extraordinary things in their search for meaning. A stunning meditation on quietly observing life.

I was intrigued to watch the group often split up, with members drifting off on their own solo journeys. No doubt the breathtaking scenery helped them along the way. It was fascinating that when everything was striped back they all started focusing on the miniature of life, a bug, snail drew excitement. When was the last time you could say that?  

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