You may have already seen this movie as it’s been in a few festivals, but if you haven’t please make sure you keep an eye out for it. Days Of Bagnold Summery is a real treat.

Movie Review: Days Of Bagnold Summer

Days Of Bagnold Summer tells the story of single mum and Sue Bagnold (Monica Dolan) who lives with her teenage son Daniel (Earl Cave).

Daniel’s dad Bob, who left when he was little, invites the teen to join him and his new wife Bernie in Florida for summer. But at the last minute the trip is cancelled because Bernie is about to have a baby. As a consequence Daniel will spend the next six weeks with his librarian mother who has been living life a nun for the past eight years.


Daniel reacts like any normal ungrateful teen, withdrawing into himself, and answering in grunts, while secretly looking for a heavy metal band to join.

Meanwhile Sue continually tries to maintain the connection she had when Daniel was younger.

“We should try new things?” she suggests.

“Like driving a sports car?” Daniel replies.

“No olives”.

Over the six weeks we watch the pair move through four phases – The Early Days; Salad Days; Dog Days and These Days. This includes Daniel falling out with his best mate, attempting to get a summer job, and going on a seaside trip with his mum.

The movie boasts a terrific supporting cast of Rob Brydon as the history teacher Mr Porter who asks Sue out to dinner. Tamsin Greig is a delight as Rieke loving neighbour Astrid who is also mother of Daniels best friend Ky (Elliott Speller- Gillott).

Days of Bagnold Summer is a delightfully gentle, very funny, poignant look at a mother trying to walk through life with her teenage son. The delight is in the unspoken things, like Daniel not wanting to walk beside his mother and she just accepting it. Every mum (and dad) will easily relate to the endless attempt to engage with someone who doesn’t want to. The movie provides a snapshot of real family love, not some Hollywood version. It also has an excellent soundtrack .

Stars 7.5/10.

In cinemas Feb 18 .